Wife's escapades

My wife enjoys her nights out with her girlfriends, either joining a women bowling team, woman softball team, or just getting dressed up going out on ladies night. Most of her friends worked like she did, some are housewives, some single and a few divorcee's. Once and awhile, I meet up with her, and we drive back Home together, but most of the time she ride wth one of her friends. I've always told my wife she is hot, and very sexy. She's a strikingly natural beauty, hardly any makeup, flirtatious a bit of a tease when she has your attention, easily approachable. She'd come home sexually charged up, confiding how h**** She is from the attention she receives, saying her p_ssy is so hot, how she meet this nice guy, and he gets her sexually aroused and he wants to f_ck her. Right now its her fantasy, she likes the playing around. She told me this guy wants to meet her at another Lounge if she can get away from the group she's usually with. She told me, I don't think I could do that. I said, if its just a drink or two, and you can handle his come on, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. About a week later, She tells me that she's going to meet this guy later for a nitecap at a Lounge not far where she'll be with the girls. So that evening when she's getting dressed, She looked so hot with her short skirt and blue silk blouse on, I pushed her on the bed and pulled her stockings down and was kissing her wet hot _ussy and saying she's so gorgeous and I just want to _uck her hot _ussy, she said, no don't... I don't want you to now...I said, what does this hot p**** need baby, she said to get _ucked hard...STOP she said, and jumped up. She was ready! A little bit later her friend showed up and they left together. My Wife said she wants me to pick her up later, and said to meet me around 12, I said ok . I stopped by the VFW and later on drove over and waited for my wife. I was parked in the rear on the left side of the Bar. It was about 10 after when a car pulled in and parked to my right. It was my wife. She was driving a Tesla. There was a guy in the front seat who reached over to her and planted a long kiss on her and then I saw his head go downward, as she leaned towards him. He was fondling and kissing her b******. He was all over her in those few minutes, and she was into it. I didn't want her to see me, so I texted her, saying I'd be there in about 15 min. So when she did look at her phone, she did pull her blouse close and I could see her talking to him. About 5 minutes later, she got out and pulled her skirt down when she stood up, He was now beside her, and he gently pushed her face forward up against the car, and pushed her skirt up and was knelling behind her, and kissing her ass while rubbing his hands between her legs. She was now sticking her ass out arching her back and swaying her hips against him. He stood up, cupped her b******, and dry humped her for about 2 minutes before she turned around and they had a long wet kiss. She then put up her hands and said something, as she pulled down her skirt and buttoned her blouse. A couple minutes later she got in the passenger door, and he drove her around to the front, and she got out and went inside. I waited a couple minutes and pulled in front and called her. She came out, as she walked to the car, she looked so hot! her skirt was barely covering her ass, her blouse was partly unbuttoned and her nipples were plainly visible. Her hair was full and her lips were pouty with her bright red lipstick. She got in, I said damn baby you look hot sexy and h****! She said lets go somewhere and _uck. I said ok, and went in the back parking lot to where I was before. She had her legs& heels up against the dash, I was rubbing her legs and felt her hot wet _ussy, and asked her, what does by hot sexy wife need now, She said, I need some _ock now baby, _uck me! as she removed her stockings and sat atop me between the steering wheel, as she rode me, she was insatiable . She told me about her escapade with that guy, but said He wasn't the one she wanted to _uck, she was just having fun with him. And I'm thinking, yeah....but its her body and she is capable of deciding for herself. I thought I'd share another hot moment we've had along the way as a married couple. Be safe, be honest. We love the stories!

Sep 22, 2020

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  • Great start to her becoming a fully fledged hot wife

  • You better hope that he isn't better hung than you, or you will soon be your wife's cuckold, and your job will be doing clean up with your tongue after he fills her up with his baby-makers.

  • That was HOT! I wonder what she and he were doing before they pulled into the parking lot?

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