I'm not black or African American, don't call me that

I'm a child of God
I hate America and I don't care about the people in it. I hate anyone that call themselves American. I'm not a traitor
I'm keeping it real. I'm not on the side of the America. I'm on the other side.
The Nation of Islam is realamerica is not great
White people are murderers and rapist.
I'm not black I was not born black
I'm not African-American
I was not born in Africa
I'm a child of God



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  • You white americans are stupid. I'm not black or American. It does not say that on my birth certificate. I am a child of God. And F America. America is nothing but trouble makers

  • R***** towel head

  • I'm curious as to why Blacks, African Americans are attracted to the ONLY religion that LOVES slavery and STILL enslaves Africans. Islam CANNOT say anything bad about the institution of slavery because Mohammed repeatedly spoke highly of slavery. Of the 14 countries that still have slavery 9 are Islamic. The only country that has JUST made slavery legal again is Libya. Guess who they are enslaving? You guessed it; Black Africans. Why? They say it's God's way. If you are a good slave there is a special type of heaven for just faithful slaves

  • I am sorry to have to disagree with you but if you are on the side opposing America, then I'm afraid you actually ARE a traitor!

  • Im born in America and I don't deal with Americans. And I'm not a traitor. America should blow up

  • Ah, Minister Farrakhan!!!!!! I was wondering where you'd been!!!

  • Quickly leave my planet by yourself, lots of bridges, mountains, and buildings to jump off, without hurting anyone...just get rid of YOU!!!!!!!!!A****** Scumbag!!!!

  • So typical . . . . . they're all the same . . . . .

  • Niggahz!!

  • Not black, eh? Not African-American either? And I suppose that Kenyan-American or Ethiopian-American or Sudanese -American isn't flattering enough or high-minded enough to capture THE WONDER AND THE GLORY OF YOU? Well, let me suggest a wholesale return to an oldie but goodie:
    It sure seems to f****** fit. And it even goes with your shoes.

  • Go back to wherever the h*** you belong you idiot

  • He actually DOES belong here. It's YOU who's out of place.

  • And Oppressing Them That We Owe them Special Treatment and Reparations
    There are just so many arguments to counter this that it's hard to remember them all or know where to begin. Let's start with the fact that the average n***** in America is LUCKY as h*** that one of their ancesters got his n***** ass dragged over here from Africa. If they weren't, he would be living in appauling conditions in Africa barely even knowing where his next meal was coming from. N****** in America enjoy the highest living standards of n****** in the world and live beyond even the wildest dreams of African-based n******. Running water, sanitation, plentiful food, modern hospital care, access to world-class education, liquor, drugs, and dope.....throw in KFC, Mickey D's, and white b****** to oogle at and it's N***** Heaven !

  • I apologize that the world is full of killers and everyone needs to fight for a place to exist, I also apologize that I was born a certain color.

    And actually, the murderers are people like you, who leave comments in places where people could potentially come to get their grief off their hands but instead find this comment and decide they don't deserve to exist.

  • There's so much "caring for" fragile people who are one shitpost away from slicing their wrists open these days. If they're that close to the edge, then maybe they should just go for it. There are too many people on the planet.
    I do wish a$$holes felt that way more often though. It's the delicate ones who turn everything in on themselves that the a$$holes turn outward and splash all over everyone else. Make it legal to make that a fatal mistake.
    Yeah, there are a lot of extraneous people on this planet. Covid isn't being effective enough. Anyone who wants to bleat "hurrrr den mayb u shud die first" can step right up and try, I'd welcome the excuse.

  • Chill bro apart from this a hole many of us are gullible fools who are not able to kill the time

  • F*** off you every black is the reason the world is s***

  • Hey listen child of god if you don’t like it then GTF OUT. we are all children of god but I have never seen a more hate filled zero tolerant religion then Muslim in my life. It’s a pretty ignorant thing to say that whites people are rapists and murderers when history and prisons are filled with all colors.

  • Just a point of clarity: the religion is "Islam", while its adherents are "Muslims".

  • Read history, your past history - when the white Europeans colonized Americas, Australia and other lands, they spread newer diseases, massacred people and raped women and used them as slaves, used gospel to legalize it. And they are still doing it in different forms! The Muslims never did that. You guys think whites are the only son of GOD. Yes, your god is different now!!

  • Muslims just use their goat f*cker religion and violence to take over.

    The Nation of Islam can suck my d**k.

  • Well, YOU might allow that, but not ME. #usickfuck

  • You're a complete idiot is what you are.

  • If you are not black, most probably you are white/asian. according to your logic, you are a rapist

  • You
    White nasty rapist. You white people kill black people. I'm not for america
    America is stupid with stupid people

  • It's hilarious when someone too dumb to be called stupid calls other people stupid. That would be an improvement in your case. Get a lobotomy!

  • There is more black on white crime then white on black crime. Do your research before you tun your c*cks*cker.

  • Please leave then

  • Yes, please . . . . like NOW!!

  • We all need a hobby.

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