Love peeing myself

I love the feeling of peeing myself whether intentionally or accidentally. I try holding it as long as I can, the desperation makes me ache. When I finally can’t hold it any longer, the excitement makes me blush, my body tingles and then I feel the flood of warm pee in my crotch and running down my legs. I love watching as I pee myself and getting so turned on.

Sep 24, 2020

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  • Good for you!

  • I'm a 29 yo lawyer (female) and after a hard day at work I love to get in the shower fully dressed and p*** myself. It's so relaxing and it's the only thing that calms me down. I've never tried it outside the shower or without any clothes on.

    My husband thinks it's weird I get in the shower with my clothes on to calm down but he doesn't know I p*** myself.

  • OMG! My wife is 32, not a lawyer but an accountant, and she comes home and goes outside in the back yard, puts on one of our wrought iron chairs, has a seat and casually pees with her clothes on while she smokes a cigarette. She likes a towel so she can feel the wetness longer. Then she comes in relaxed and ready for the evening.

  • Oh i love to watch women wet themselves. It turns me on and wanna join them. The sight of seeing the dress starts wetting small in the beginning and spreads gradually.... ooohh... I love that.... would you be interested to share it to your admirers? ;)

  • I totally love to see women wet themselves. The sight of seeing the p**** area wet starts small and gradually increasing and then it drips.... ooohhhh.... it makes me h****.

    Wanna share it to your admirers ? ;)

  • Me too!

  • I like it when women pee heir pants, the struggle to hold it, then watching them let loose is hot

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