Panty raid

A was constantly harassed and bullied by a group of girls from my classroom. Their favorite pass time was inventing knew ways to shame me and make me feel bad about myself. I was always scared they would beat me up if I reported them and knew the school staff would turn a blind eye and would treat it as normal teen behaviour. One day, at lunch time, I saw them waiting for me in the hallways and made the mistake of hiding in the school girls bathroom. My heart turned over when they dragged me out of the toilette, yanked my panties off and lifted my skirt in front of three boys. I remember them telling me if I liked boys looking at my p****. I was so embarrassed I didn't even scream for fear of everyone in school finding out. I just stood there watching those boys spreading my legs and touching me. I spent the whole day sitting in the classroom with nothing under my skirt and scared about some joker yanking it up.

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  • Same old loser that postwd about the dude online telling him to wear them c*** kill yourself

  • You where raped if you are afraid of them report it and you will never see them again except in court. Your parents will enroll you in another school. But this is probably fake anyway.

  • Hopefully as rape is ALWAYS wrong

  • Show the boys your lovely kidpussy

  • Teenage girls are so sexy.

  • Shut theFUCKup pedo.

  • You forgot to mention that you were raped. It would fetched more s** maniacs.

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