I blow the fireman that lives two houses down from me at least a couple of time a week. I’m fat and my husband doesn’t even notice me anymore and is always on p*** sites. The fireman is really attractive and really well endowed. Thanks known nothing more will ever come of this but I can’t turn him down.

Sep 25, 2020

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  • Lose some weight and maybe your husband will take notice

  • Another fatty liar making up fantasies.

  • I'm with a fat woman 40, who husband is a real tool. She a great woman, and so nice. I lived next store. I use to hear him belittling her and her begging for s** at night and her crying when he called her a fat b****.

    I'm 30 now, and super fit and a doctor. One night last August just couldn't take hearing this any longer. He left her. I knocked on the door she answered in her robe. I pulled her to me and kissed her. She surrendered at once, and we made love on the hall way floor. The s** is amazing, i lasted an hour, her body felt perfect. A year later with her, and she always wants s**.

    We are in love i bought a new house and we live together. He husband is frantically looking for her but she is safe with me and will never find us.

    She filed for divorce and is 2 months pregnant.

  • Yeah right, nice try. Total B U L L C R A P made up story. 'She was begging for s**' and you are a fit doctor and now she is pregnant and hiding with you. You should read some real books and try and master a better story next time. You fool.

  • Your comment made me laugh. It is total rubbishvI agree....LOL!

  • Yes, 'surrendered at once' was the bit that made me laugh. Appeared in her robe :-) cant stop laughing at this utter nonsense!

  • You’re a champ. I’d like to hear more about your situation with this judgment, I’m just curious. Message me at

  • Thanks I appreciate the positive comment.

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