My only affair

This happened mid summer last year Jim and I have been married for 24 years now and our s** life has been about normal I guess by ow it is sometimes one or two times a month but again I guess normal for our age until Jim had his first heart attack .
He only needed two stents but he has become paranoid now and is afraid to do anything including s** the doctor has told him many times that he has to get out and start to exercise but he is afraid and mostly putters around the house.
He has gained weight and I have tried to talk to him ad sometimes he will lay o his back and let me do all the work as a cowgirl until I can o***** but it is very unsatisfactory.
I have joined a Gym 24 hour Fitness and started working out and I enjoy it the exercise has given me back my ruthful figure once more and after work now I stop by and work our for couple hours a day I had been watching the weight lifters work out and I was contemplating trying it myself the one weight bench was empty and I was wondering what to do when a guy behind me said I will spot for you if you want.
I turned around and this young black man was standing there he introduced himself as Damon his friendly open smile was refreshing and I confessed that I had never tried it so he said better start wit bout 40 pounds to see what you can do and he took the weights and added them to a bar ad set it on the rack. He had me lay on my back and showed me how to grip the bar and push up so I started that way We talked and got to know each other over the next few days and I was looking forward to my time with him.
I mentioned it t a friend and she said watch out he probably just wants to get into your pants and I laughed and said Carol for gods sake I am almost old enough to be his mother but after that I became more aware of him and I looked him over when he wasn't watching boy the young man had muscles everywhere and his tights showed that he had a very nice package.
I was p to 80 pounds now and with Carol asking me every day how I was getting along with my boyfriend and she asked me once have you f***** him yet I was getting as h**** as h***.
I had caught him looking me over several times to but he was not in any way forward and one day after a good work out and we were in the steam room we were talking and I blurted out could I buy you a cup of coffee or a drink ? I was very nervous I didn't know if he was gay or not I had heard that many weight lifters were gay but he asked are you sure what about your husband ?
I knew right then that he understood where this was going and I said oh he wont even know about it where do you live and he said not far meet me outside and follow me and we dashed out to shower and dress.
My hair was still wet and I was drying it off when i went outside but Damon was waiting for me we never said a word as I started my car and I fell in behind him.
We traveled only a short distance and he pulled into an apartment complex.
I was very nervous but also excited ow and I watched him fumble with his key as he unlocked his door and once we were inside we came together clawing and kissing like teenagers I tried to exilian but he wasn't listening as we tore each others cloths off and tumbled into his bed he pushed me onto my back and I opened my legs for him and he entered me forcefully..
He felt huge but I was very wet and we f***** like animals I came very quickly then I cam once more before Damon moaned and drove his c*** deep into me and I could feel his c*** pulse in me .
I began to laugh breathlessly as his hot sperm flooded my body I felt great and I was alive again.
Twice more we f***** that night and I told my husband that I had done a double shift and he never questioned it.
Damon and I still get together a couple times a week and I know that someday it will end but for now I am once again feeling alive and attractive.

Sep 27, 2020

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  • My only affair has been with my son, who's 14 years old. Having his hard 5 inch b**** fu ck me when his father is not around drives me wild. He often fu cks me 5 times a night. His father can only manage it 2 o3 times a week.

  • What a s*** you are. Hope your husband divorces you.

  • You go girl! You only live once so enjoy everyday.

  • Oh wow!

    You are a lucky lady. Im 48 been married 24 years but miss those younger days when I could have any c*** I wanted.

    Don’t end it. There is nothing better than a BBC. You have this old white woman jealous

  • He has tis beautiful c*** (uncut ) and I love to play with it sliding his foreskin back and forth over his crown.
    I had never sucked a guy completely off before oh I have sucked my husband but he never came in my mouth and I was curious to see what his sperm would taste like so I sucked him off and I gagged the first time he shot his c** in my mouth and I spit it out but I tried again and was able to get my tongue where his sperm didn't hit my tonsils and I was able to roll it around in my mouth then I swallowed it expecting to throw up but I held it down so I have done it few times since then.
    He is a very good lover and I measured his c*** to 7 .5/8 inches completely hard but very thick over two inches thick.
    I would be to embarrassed to do that with my husband though.

  • Yummmm!

    My hubby is almost 8 inches as well but not quite as thick.

    Nothing better than a thick c*** to stretch you out and make your kitten purrrrr

  • C** tastes amazing. I never had an uncircumcised p**** though. That sounds amazing

    I’m jealous

  • Could you explain how do you look like and himself also?

  • Damon is about 5-10 and weighs over 200 pounds of Muscles in his arms and legs with a beautiful 6 pac .
    his body is beautiful without any body hair. ( my husband has hair all over his body except for his head which id almost bald )and Damon's body is a very dark brown almost black. his b**** are huge almost the size as hens eggs and a very tight ball sack.
    I have spent hours playing with his c*** now it feels so smooth and edible.
    I am about 5 ft 4 inches tall with a trim figure my b****** are still firm but not huge 34 C-cup I have been told that I am pretty and have had many compliments on my rear end I do not look like a woman n the prowl LOL.
    But we have a thing going.

  • Awesome!! Keep going. How old are you both? Can I have your pics?


  • Awesome !! Keep going. How old are you both? can I have your pics?

  • I sent you a pic did you get it? I met with Damon again last night and he agreed to let me take a picture of us with the camera on timer I was looking back at the camera watching the blinker when it went off.

  • I didn't get the pics .Please send it again to

  • Send it to please.

  • I have sent twice now and both times they never came back.

  • Got the pics.Great

  • I am 44 yo and Damon is 27 .

  • Oh sweetheart,

    You are a lucky lady. I’m 48 and I would love to find me a Damon

  • Vow! Very lucky lady. Enjoy your life to the fullest. what are your measurements?

  • 36-26 -34

  • No updates "Lucky girl".Really trimmed ,Vow!! but 34 seems less! He is happy with it?

  • You are awesome at this age, really blessed. Keep going. How often you meet him?

  • We usually get together a couple times a week.

  • Oh Great, getting stretched well,Rt? on BC always?

  • Wow sweetie you are so lucky and so perfect

    I’m so jealous.

    I’m 48. I’m a mother of 3. With kinda saggy breast due to breast feeding all three. I gave natural birth to all three as well. I’m 5 foot 8. Measurements of 44 - 34 -46. I fill up a c cup almost d. I’m just an average white mom but I have a bubble but like a black girl.

    I have dark brown hair and blue eyes.

    Wish I were thin like you. A guy like Damon would never want me.

    I’m just an old white mom past her prime

  • Could you get some like Damon?Try it ,you will definitely get

  • Can I have your pics? send to

  • There is always a gym I have always been active and it is a bummer with a husband that sits on his ass afraid to do things.

  • What is he afraid to do?

  • Anything physical even walking at the waterfront I am getting a little tired of babysitting him.

  • What's his age? has he got any other ailments?If not ask him to go gym

  • He is 51 and it looks like he has given up on life. I think even if he found out about Damon he wouldn't care. But I am not going to tell him.

  • Don't be desperate. You are still wanted. I feel ,you still look great with a great drive. Can I have your pics?

  • Could you please explain how do you look like and himself also?

  • Vow! Great

  • Lately Damon has asked me to do one of his friends in a three way but I am not to keen on that .

  • Try it also. Enjoy it

  • Honey, you have to do it. Only thing better than a nice hung BBC is two.

    Trust me it’s amazing to have one in the mouth and one f****** you from behind.

  • You are making a real old man so h****. Pictures would help remember my youth

  • Dped age 12

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