Suddenly Gay?

My best friend and I have both been happily married for over twenty years. Our wives get on very well and they hang out together when we go fishing or bush walking. We have both always loved the outdoors but our wives not so much.

About six months ago when were were out fishing, we went for a skinny dip and while we were lying naked on the creek bank drying off... somehow we ended up sucking each other off.

Six months later we've progressed to full on a*** s**, doing it to each other. We never kiss so it never feels gay.

We don't talk about it much and we are both really loving it but I don't understand how if could just suddenly happen like that. I still want to f*** my wife but I think if I had to choose I'd rather f*** my best friend.

Sep 27, 2020

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  • How I envy your courage. I've never had the courage to do what you did and now I am 65, married to a disgusting revolting hag of woman and my time has passed.

  • My wife just gave up when she hit her 40s, got fat and ugly, lost interest in s**. My mate and I keep in shape. I love sucking c*** and being f***** up the ass. Life's never been better.

  • I find that I love being a bottom, and men turn me on now far more then girls

  • So true i was turn out yesterday my first time having m2m s** it turned in to a gang bang l was used for 4 hours i left the p*** shop covered in c** and c** running down my legs. I sore today but going back for more today .

  • Hi I am gay and men also turn me on anytime when I am naked with them
    and love to play with them and also frenchkiss with them anytime and also love for them to wear panties like I do. I also love to do oral and a*** s** with them email me legg.r034@aol;.com if you would like to communicate. Have a great day.

  • Me too. I've been bisexual all my life, but in the last couple of years I've been turned on more by men. I love the feeling of a man's c*** buried deep inside of me.

  • Once you've had a c*** in your ass, women just don't seem important any more.

  • 57 Bi/gay married closet cd here. I agree with the last comment. wife has no idea I dress or love c***. been married 30 some years, no s** with her in 2 years, but a number of male lovers plus I rather have c*** now anyway.

  • Same thing happened with me and my best friend. Women lose interest in s** long before men do. He's better than she was anyway so I'm happy.

  • Die you pair if weird a*** f******.. You are sick.

  • Die you weird ass homophobe. You are sick

  • Lol you don't kiss cause you think it would be gay. But engaging in sexual activities with the same s** isn't?! Lol you're extremely funny!

  • Wow. Cool

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