I c an't do it

My family is a mess. My husband thinks I'm too h****** my little sister, but I really can't be around her. I don't mind her tattoos (even though she has 16 of them, and our parents never allowed me to have not one while I was still at home!), But she's married to a older guy with even more than that, and one of them is a face tat and another on his neck. I swear they look like the typical trailer trash so it's embarrassing to be seen with them, so I just don't go. Her politics are so complete opposite to me and she aaaaaalways want to talk about election (and not a conversation but just her monologue), so I just keep quiet and don't even answer her s*** questions. So I really do avoid her every time I can so I won't be so mad! My husband says that's wrong of me to do it because of its our family but I can't help it. How am I related to this b****-child? We're nothing like each other! Don't even get me started on her fake b****!! She had twin babies on January. And I really worry for how they'll be raised! Our family is sad and insane all at one time.

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  • If you are honest with yourself: move out on your own-there is a highway close to you.

  • What a load of krap. What is the point of this poor story. Incest with your sister? Get a life and learn to write.

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