Wife Susan

After Susan had several meetings with other guys I was welcomed to watch and last year before this Virus happened I watched her several times and now it almost seams normal we can all talk and sometimes I am welcomed it as a three way but mostly I just watch.
Sue likes to f*** and she is comfortable with having an o***** now while I am there to and her favorite position when she c*** is on top.
What ever position they are in when she feels her o***** building she will say I want on top and she gets the guy on his back and mount his c*** .
She is always laughing a littlie husky while she is mounting his c*** and she begins to slide back and forth on his lap biting her lower lip her head thrown back with her eyes tightly closed .
I get glimpses of his c*** all slick with her fluids as her body begins to move faster and her b****** are swinging in circles .
I hear her breath change also as she moves faster and faster grunting softly and I hear the slurping sound of their wet flesh coming together and I smell her excited p**** aroma .
Then she leans forward her hair hanging in her face now and her hands are on his chest up by his shoulders her b****** are still dancing wildly and it sounds like she is growling deep in her throat as her o***** builds inside of her .
I ask are you going to c** and she looks over at me her teeth clenched tight and her eyes look slightly demented but she ignores me and redoubles her efforts her hips are flashing back and forth now in frantic thrusts and she sounds like she is in pain until she cry's out and her body falls forward onto her lover and her body quakes several times in release as she is gasping for breath then all I hear is her harsh gasps for breath as her p**** is still milking his c*** in reflex.
I always love that part and after her breathing begins to sound normal she laughs a little breathlessly and she says thank you to him and kisses him gently on the lips and lets him roll her over onto her back so he can c** to.

Oct 2, 2020

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  • Never happened you deluded fantasist. The ridiculous way it is written reads more like a trashy 2nd rate novel. This place is supposed to be for real confessions which is what most people came here to read... not this rubbish.

  • Then don't waste your time and mine.

  • Why not? You wasted ours. If you can't handle feedback, run to your safe space and don't bring your keyboard.

  • You are wasting your time right now. Bright boy.

  • Your a lucky man

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