There is this female co-worker that I would love to have s** with. She is one of those females that don't know that they are hot. She has big wide hips. Should a make a move and risk my job?

Oct 2, 2020

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  • Jesus! You guys are all crazy! So what happens when they break-up? Eh? Did you think about that? Is SHE going to want to see his face every day after they break-up? Look he may not want to see her face either, but he doesn’t have a choice... she does! All she has to do is say that he is making her uncomfortable, and he’s fired! We all know someone with a crazy ex-girlfriend. Maybe she keyed his car, maybe she destroyed his (fill in his favorite thing here, ‘cause THAT is what she'll destroy)! They celebrate it in movies, and on television. Couple breaks up, she destroys his classic car, or sets fire to his house, or... gets him fired! She’s bad news dude. Don’t s h i t where you eat, and NEVER date a woman you work with... especially during a global pandemic, with massive unemployment!

  • How would you lose your job? No rule against dating co-workers.

  • Actually, at most corporations the ARE policies against dating coworkers. At my company, we MUST declare any “romantic” relationships, the couple then have to sign documents stating that NO coercion was used to initiate the relationship, indemnity the company, and after all that, ONE of the people MUST be transferred to a different office! No romantic couples may ever work together! I’ve been there 5 years, my wife 3 years. We dated in secret for almost TWO YEARS! When she accepted my marriage proposal, THEN we had to declare our romantic relationship. I volunteered to move to the nearest office. We used to have a 10 minute commute, now I have a 45 minute commute. If we were caught in an “undeclared relationship” we could have both been fired, but in all likelihood only I would have been fired even though we didn’t work in the same department, and neither of us were in a supervisory position over the other!
    So I am sorry to tell you, but you are misinformed concerning you comment that “there are no rule [sic] against dating coworkers”.
    Take care.

  • Are you insane? Almost EVERY company nowadays has a policy against dating coworkers!

  • Grow some b**** for goodness sake. You expect the deluded fantasists here will offer you any good advice? I've been reading all kinds of stuff here and have come to the conclusion that most people are just stupid. And I mean Trump base stupid.

  • Start slow and you can get her

  • Befriend her and take it slow. I don’t think you can be fired for that. Then see what kind of signals she gives. You might be surprised. Just don’t be crass.

  • I agree, ask her out to lunch and break the ice

  • Ask her to lunch. Start slow...

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