I hope that Trump dies (not joking) let's all pray for it

Pleaze gawd



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  • You've probably heard this before, but it's true, and it's worth reminding you and your favorable respondents: Karma really is a b****

  • Karma doesn't exist. If it did there would be justice in this world and there isn't. Sit down

  • And you voted for him

  • Are da poor widdle MAGAts twiggered?? Awww.

  • Those who wishes ill wills on other, ill wills will visit them in three fold. Be careful what you wish for...

  • How about you seek God. You sound unhappy

  • The party of "Fvck Your Feelings" sure has a lot of hurty widdle fee-fees their own selves. But hypocrisy is what you fools do best, so...

  • Yeah if we hate on T-rump too much we could wind up with Kamala as pirrez! Dayuuum!

  • True

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