Happy Thanksgiving

Walking in on your mom and her lesbian lover will make you rethink your entire childhood, My husband and I went to my mom's...Wait, Let me set the scene.
I am a 35 year old mother of 2, My mom is a 54 year old mother of 1, Never married, Had me young, I remember her dating guys but none in the last 20 ish years that I was aware of, So....
My husband and I an the kids went to visit her for thanksgiving last year and with thanksgiving coming up that's what has been making me think about it, We arrived 8 hours early since the attraction we had planned to visit was closed and but I didn't bother to mention it since my mom and I don't usually text randomly, It's more of a daily communication but sometimes it's via text, Sometimes phone call and whatever, Plus we thought it would be a nice surprise to show up early.
We walked in and thank GAWD the kids were instantly drawn to the new Lego table mom had bought which was in the living room, We could hear music down the hall but not any sort of...I don't know, S3x music so we didn't think much of it, My husband had our suit cases and followed me down the hall toward my old room and my moms door was halfway open, My mom is a very...Shy person with any sort of nudity and would never wear a low cut top or even shorts that don't come to mid thigh, usually to the knee so with her door being open I didn't even think twice...And I guess I wasn't thinking that we were so early but, I opened the door and BAM!!!!! I could have dropped dead from shock but I think it was just my heart skipping about 4 beats and yeah, Whatever anyway my husband is standing right behind me and I am 5'3", He is over 6 feet so he could easily see everything.
Here is the whole scene, My mom laying on the bed on her back, Legs wide open, I did NOT expect her to go Brazillian but there it was, All on display, She is built almost exactly like me, Short, Slim but has a little bigger b**** and other than being slightly bigger and she has huge nips, Not the areolae but the nip, My husband said later they are like my pinky finger to the first knuckle, Well if that wouldn't have been bad enough to have my husband see pretty much every inch of my moms body naked which by the way she was laying with her head toward the foot of the bed which put her feet toward the door, and her "Toy" laying between her thighs which I assume had slipped out in their current position from how it was right there in the middle of a wet spot, Thank gawd for her that she has a nice, Normal looking vag and not some big ugly lips or something (Yes I can look at a vag and say its nice or ugly) So if that wasn't bad enough the whole scene was something you would probably find on P0rnhub since her long time best friend was on her knees, Straddled over my moms face, Moms hands reaching up grabbing her b****, Her friend holding the rail at the foot of the bed leaning forward far enough that we could see her whole business, Vag, butt hole, Butt and she is a larger chested woman so at the angle we were at we could see them quite well.
So, My sweet little mom, Suzy home maker all my life growing up and so prim and proper is having her face sat on by her best friend, I don't know if I said anything or made any sound but if it could have gotten any worse her and her friend were in the midst of their "O" moment, Mom starts lifting her hips and moaning, her friends butt shaking as she moaned and her friend turned, Screamed b***** murder, Jumped off the bed, Mom just went into some weird ruined O moment shaking and holding her vag but half rubbing it, Her friend grabbed a towel off the floor and half covered herself, I backed out pushing my husband and I later said "Why the F were you standing so close behind me?".
I went to the living room to contemplate my life and my husband went to the bedroom with the suit cases, He came back to the living room to walk in on me and my mom standing there, My mom in a robe and apologizing profusely, I was like "Mom, Just, Go, get dressed or do what you're doing, we will go to the mall for a couple hours", Her friend came out in her skirt and blouse with her bra and panties scrunched up in her hands, She didn't make any eye contact and she got her heels on and then stood up, her big jugs not hiding at all in her thin blouse and looked at mom saying "I'll...I...Call me later?" and my mom said "Wait...Just hold on...." but her friend said no and left.
The next 48 hours were very awkward as my mom continually tried to explain what had happened and me telling her to stop trying to explain it. This thanksgiving I will be texting her every 15 minutes as we get closer.

14 days

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