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I am wondering if other guys are as strange as me. Even though I can see my lovely wife naked almost any time that I want, I find that peeping on her where she is unaware is still very exciting to me. I am in many respects a true voyeur but now limit that to watching my wife. And as time has gone by, I started taking pics and short videos of her trying to take them as a voyeur. So my question is are there others guys like me out there and will you say how often you check out the wife or girlfriend or neighbor. Just wished the wife wanted me to take sexy pics of her but no such luck. And lastly do you ever post her pics?
Look forward to hearing responses.

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  • I used to do that with my 2nd wife, she figured it out. So we began going to nude beaches,, then flashing people "accidentally", things like that. Spying on the wife nude is a sign that you might be wanting to show her off. Just talk to her, most women are natural exhibitionists. The only reason they don't show off can be traced back to their upbringing.

  • So as much as I like to look at my wife when she is unaware, I have fantasized about her either dressing or getting in the shower and having the curtains so opened enough so someone could come up to the window and see her nude. I can’t explain why this turns me on so much but it does. I even once had a older neighbor that I told him that if he wanted to by chance see my wife in the shower, to come by around 7 or 8 at night and he might get lucky because she usually does not check the curtains unless they a wide open. So over the next few nights as wife was in the shower and also just out of the shower showing just how beautiful I think she is, I would check and see if the curtains were open at all. Many times they were slightly open and all I could do was fantasize how he might be outside looking in. I promise you it turned me on even though I never knew if he had spied her. If he saw her, he never admitted to me. I guess part of me wanted to here what his thoughts were, not wishing he could use her but just to know he liked what he saw. So anybody else had this sort of fantasy and will you let me know your experience.

  • Strange but what ever turns a person on as long as it does not affect others should be okay

  • I also spy on my wife all the time, It's just hot to see her when she doesn't know or think you are watching.

  • Would you takes voyeur pics of her and send them to a true voyeur stranger if his email was available?

  • That is me, sometimes the wife will say that I am strange because she wants me to look at her and tell her how good she looks but gets upset if I try to take a pic for my on pleasure. And yes sometimes I would like of guys to see her too but that is out of bounds so I just look at them for my pleasure. Just wish I had taken pics when she was in her 20s so that I could say this is the woman I fell in love with

  • No this isn't that weird but I don't think you should be sharing them without her consent guy. Everyone's got their perversions but there's also a limit where it's not just naughty, it's immoral

  • It's like I see my wife in the nude and yea so it's a nude woman. Put her in a short skirt and I'm interested. I want to see up her skirt.

  • Looking up a skirt is great but if she where going commando is even better. In my younger years I never had a girl see me looking up her skirt and then opening her legs just a bit more but once I was in a situation where I had 2 girls, one on either side of me and we were the apartment of one of them. We had danced to the 60s music together and of course I was having the time of my life and had not touched either one of them other than while dancing. So it was getting late and since I lived downstairs below them I made the suggestion that they come down to my apartment and if they were ok with it, since it was well after midnight that if they wanted they could change into their sleeping atire and we would just lay on my bed and listen to the music. I know that sounds made up but it is not. So one girl got on either side of me and we lay there listen to what at that time in my life was not oldies but current sixtys music. At some point I had an arm under each girls neck and decided I would try and cop a feel with each. As I moved my hands down over the shoulder of each girl, one pretty much stopped my advance. The other girl did not prevent my from trying but have to remember she had a nightgown on and a robe over that so I was not getting anywhere. But to my amazement, I could sinse that this girl was somehow doing something with her robe. The next time I put my hand over her chest to try to feel those precious breast, I found no robe only the thinest material covering her and of course I had the greatest pleasure of touching the first set of t*** in my life where the girl in her way said I want you to touch these. I know with how things are today that might not be very exciting but for a relatively young guy in the 60s it was heaven on earth for me!!!!
    For reference this occurred in Griffin, GA in 1970

  • See at

  • Wow, love to see such videos shared on internet.

  • Hehe oh yesss it's so nice to sneakily take pics or film the wife naked, and then watch later with only one hand 😉. Or perhaps even sharing with guys who do the same with those pics..

  • I have some sneaky pics


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