I am too old to consider this

I confess that I fantasize about being exposed in public, nude or sexually. I am a married 65 year old woman who works for local government. This is crazy.

Oct 6, 2020

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  • I would love to meet you.

  • Mhkcmo@catlover.com

  • Thank you all for the understanding and encouragement. Miriam

  • This happens to many women once they get older and have lesser sexual inhibition. In order to deal with it I roam around my house in nude and encourage my hubby to do the same. But when someone visits us, I wear skimpy and revealing dress (one young guy got attracted to me and we had s** couple of times - Ah! hard young c***!!).

  • As someone that visits people's home (pre-covid) I've longed to meet a woman like you.

  • I agree. i am a 70 year young man and i have been participating in exhibitionist expeiences for years. frequently made trips to the legal nude beach at sandy hook in new jersey, have done the legal nude bike run in philly, have run the nude beach to breakers run in frisco, and done a strip off to toatlly nude at a club in miami and won.
    the nudity is good for your spirit and make you feel young believe me

  • Just do it Guys are always willing to see t***. As a guy its too easy to get in trouble, but I have done it many times in the past. I stopped for the most part now and use Omegle for my exposure needs. Maybe ill see you there: )

  • I'd love to see your pics and put them up on the internet for you. Please email me sphiil@aol.com

  • I would love to have your photos and put you up on the internet. Please email me sphiil@aol.com

  • I'm 30, the woman I'm seeing is 63. She is in a dried up non-loving marriage. We have s** in public places a lot, sometimes just in the bushes near pubs or near dog walking routes/footpaths. She always wears a dress she can undo to reveal her t*** and pull up to expose her holes. We do all sorts of positions and have often been seen.

  • I am in my mid-40s, my husband 43. We still love to f*** in isolated park corners, dog trails in the woods or cyclist track in the mountain. Once this woman aged about 50 walking her dog and saw us f******, she kept on watching as the dog ran to us and started to lick on my penetrating c*** into my wife's p****! We reached a mind-blowing o****** and the woman became our friend. Now we love our relationship....

  • No fossils aloud out

  • Thats right, only nigs and f*** now, it's the law to pretend to care about them but old ppl can still fuckoff lol

  • I love an older gal xx

  • Why don't you test out your theory and send me a few snaps?!


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