My moms ex-boyfriend used to be my FWB

We met at his computer repair store. One day my laptop just decided not to turn on, so I needed a place where I could get it fixed. I found his store on google, it had god reviews and it was close to my place, so it was perfect. I told him I needed it fixed ASAP, since I’m using it for school. He was super nice, and said he can’t promise anything, but will take a look at it right away. He dated my mom before I was born, so this was the first time I met him.

Next morning I got a text, saying my laptop is fixed and I can go to his store to pick it up. That’s how we started texting. Apparently he replaced something. Don’t ask, I have no idea what, all I cared about was that it was working.

A few days later he invited me for some drinks. I said yes. I thought that he was a great guy, why not give him a chance? He said he wants to be honest (that turned out to be a lie lol), and told me that he is married, but him and his wife are broken up. They are still living together though because they have a kid. I mean yeah it’s a bit messy, but all we were gonna do is f***, so this didn’t bother me.

About 10 minutes into our meeting we were already all over each other. We decided to go somewhere private. We took an uber to his store. I thought maybe he has an apartment nearby, but he told me we’re going into the store. He lead me to the back, to the room where he was fixing the computers. The place was full of broken computers and electronic devices. I was like there is no way he wants to f*** here, there is literally no room. He very carefully took some laptops from the table, put them on the floor, then picked me up, and sat me down on the table, facing him.

We went back to kissing, and his hands wandering all over my body. He unbuttoned my shorts, and started teasing me through my panties. They were soaked by the time he finally slid his finger inside me. He knew exactly what to do, and made me c** in what it felt like seconds. Without even giving me a break, he made me stand up, which I could barely do, took my panties off, turned me around, and bent me over the table.

He didn’t waste any time, quickly took his pants off, and pushed his d*** inside me. He started f****** me fast and hard. I tried to hold onto something, and accidentally knocked something off the table. Being pinned to the table, close to another o*****, I couldn’t care about what it was, and he kept going like nothing happened, so it couldn’t have been anything important. He kept f****** me through my second o*****, and when I was done screming, he told me he’s gonna c** inside me. I tried to say okay, but all I could do was a soft moan. Couple seconds later I felt him finishing, his c** dripping down my thights.

After that, we started reguralry meeting at his store, and having s** on his service/f****** table. We also f***** everywhere else in that store. In his small office/storage, and in the front, where he’s serving the customers. He has security cameras in the front, so I’m sure he still has some videos of us f******. I actually had a few of those videos as well, he would sometimes send clips to me when we did it in the front. We also did it a couple times while the store was open. More than once I was waiting naked, sitting on our service/f****** table in the back, while he was talking to costumers.

Fast forward a few months, my mom is also having computer problems. I tell her I know a place. She really doesn’t wanna go there, but I keep trying to convince her. Well, she ends up telling me that she dated him before she met my dad. It would be awkward so she doesn’t wanna go there.

I confronted him, turns out he found out who I was after the first time we met. According to him, my mom cheated on him with my dad. I don’t know who to believe, and honestly, I don’t even care. After this, we hooked up once more. It was really stupid of me, I know, I regretted it immediately, it was a weak moment of mine.

So that’s the story of my moms ex-boyfriend f****** me.

Oct 7, 2020

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