Dreams never came true

I always wanted to see a child birth. It never happened until I was an adult. I was around 8 or 9.

Oct 7

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  • If confessions are going to be this slow updating I'm going to start posting them into the comments on other peoples confessions FuckThisShit hope it dies

  • IKR? What does it matter though, at least 80% of the "confessions" on here are the same three or four very bored social misfits making $hit up

  • This

  • Once again confessionpost has no new confessions for ages and ages

  • Yeah same old fake s*** reposted just reworded

  • You can thank the basement dwelling waterheads for that. Too bad their mommys don't love them enough

  • Surf website on childbirth.

  • That would be easy for someone serious but of course OP cannot j******* to comments by watching a video

  • Sorry, but I really don'tcomprehend this, so I can't offer any thoughts on it. Were you always interested in (and good at) science and anatomy? Are you involved in the sciences as a career?

  • OP we know it's you posting these type of comments here, no matter how many bogus comments you write here will never change the fact you are sewer sucking gorilla and this confession is faker thenFuck

  • Well, your threshold for what constitutes "knowledge" is obviously painfully low, because you are wrong, yet again, and as usual. but it's equally obvious that Y-O-U are a P-O-S, so it doesn't matter much. To anybody. Q.E.D.

  • 1 digit bound IQ s**** soaked sewer dwelling gorilla Q.E.D now K.Y.S thank you

  • Squealing like a piggie after getting caught-- classic moron move. Q.E.D.

  • You are a serious whack-job. You were, as a kid, and you still are.

  • I don't mean to sound rude but..... what is wrong with you? You are so crazy I would not be surprised if you are a stalker.

  • Stupid fetish wrote by some base dwelling chimp

  • Wow dude. You are really losing it

  • Adulthood comes just a little bit later than 8 or 9. Reboot what you call a brain and try again with your weirdly unhinged "confessions".

  • It's a weird question. does not make sense.

  • GTFO

  • Uh, yes, that's what we are all saying

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