Dreams never came true

I always wanted to see a child birth. It never happened until I was an adult. I was around 8 or 9.

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  • If confessions are going to be this slow updating I'm going to start posting them into the comments on other peoples confessions FuckThisShit hope it dies

  • IKR? What does it matter though, at least 80% of the "confessions" on here are the same three or four very bored social misfits making ** up

  • This

  • Once again confessionpost has no new confessions for ages and ages

  • Yeah same old fake ** reposted just reworded

  • You can thank the basement dwelling waterheads for that. Too bad their mommys don't love them enough

  • Surf website on childbirth.

  • That would be easy for someone serious but of course OP cannot ** to comments by watching a video

  • I don't mean to sound rude but..... what is wrong with you? You are so crazy I would not be surprised if you are a stalker.

  • Stupid fetish wrote by some base dwelling chimp

  • Wow dude. You are really losing it

  • Adulthood comes just a little bit later than 8 or 9. Reboot what you call a brain and try again with your weirdly unhinged "confessions".

  • It's a weird question. does not make sense.

  • GTFO

  • Uh, yes, that's what we are all saying

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