I like you

I like you. i wish i could tell you. i'm HUNGRY for you and your cute little smile. your accent. your intelligence. you. you're amazing. thats why SHE likes you so much. your girlfriend. the reason why you will never like me that way. she doesn't even live on our side of the country. where is she now, scotland?!

i ruined our relationship with my stupid crush on you. why cant i accept just being friends??? why did i tell my best friend who is now trying to break you two up? you love your girlfriend. you deserve her, not me. i will just ruin you anyway. dont ever break up with her, wik.

Oct 7

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  • This guy gets tea-bagged daily

  • LOL!!!

  • The b**** never leave his mouth one by choice.

  • Just say to him what you want him to know. Be clear. Be concise. But above all else, be honest. Honest. Do it soon. You've already wasted a lot of time you could have been with him. With him between your legs. Don't waste any more. Imagine having him between your legs. And then tell him what you want him to know. If you need to, have a strong drink or two (or three or four) before you tell him. Just stop wasting time and tell him. If you want his baby, tell him that, too.get to work on him.

  • Confused and dumb

  • Gay

  • Way too gay, too!

  • No YOU way too gay!

  • Edge

  • Sjitcheah!

  • And maybe try to get your best friend to stop trying to break up your crush and their girlfriend?

  • Life's a dance, we learn as we go. Sometimes we lead, sometimes we follow. Don't worry about what you don't know. Life's a dance, we learn as we go.
    And is we don't dance we won't know the joys and the pain. So keep dancing, that's how we learn about life and ourselves. Love yourself. Heck, I don't even know you, but I love you!!

  • Written by the OP, cannot hide his writing style

  • I actually think the metaphorical connection to dance is rather nice, and well-crafted. If I were still teaching school, I would give it an "A".

  • Of course you would you wrote this pieceOfShit

  • Nope, sorry, but "he" (or "she") didn't write that. It's plagiarized.

  • I can't stand all these snide dipshits who think they can track and identify people by "writing style". Enough, already. Read. Don't read. I don't care. Just stop with all the superiority and "inside baseball" stuff.

  • You cared enough to reply lol

  • Because they and you are all remarkably moronic.

  • Fitzgerald had a writing style. And Faulkner. And Hemingway. And Updike. And Salinger. Nobody here has a writing style. Or any other kind of style.

  • Only Yanks have style? How 'bout Jane Austen, Tolstoy, Dickens, Garcia-Marquez, Orwell, Dante, Camus, Beckett, Neruda and Murakami? Oh, and Shakespeare?

  • Typical.......just namen white folk.

  • Garcia-Marquez and Murakami were white? Nice try, racetard. Why don't you go learn from an adult what a book is. (Protip: They're not for eating)

  • But you are sitting at the kiddies table (Protip learn corrent english)

  • LOL . . . . they all way whiter than me . . . . .

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