My Mom Came Out as An Adult Baby

Yes the title is true. Recently, my Mom came out as an adult baby. I'm an adult, and this was when she wanted to tell me. I'm 21.

This is the weirdest thing my mom has ever done, but it could be worse. My mom came to me one day to basically say, I'm always the one taking care of you and your sister. I felt I wanted to be taken care of for a change. She finally told me. Dad already knew, and warmed up to it a long time ago. Thank goodness. She likes to be taken care of by Dad sometimes.

First, she explained what an ABDL stood for, Adult Baby Diaper Lover. She also showed me the three onesies she owned. She showed me the two pacifiers she owned. She showed me the diaper bag she bought I thought it was a purse when I first saw it. Then she showed what she she looked like with all of it on. She looked cute in the weirdest way I've seen yet. I tried not to freak out. She found an online community of people who were just like her.

Finally, my mom told me she wanted to join an adult baby group that meets on the weekends. She doesn't want to bother us with her hobby all the time, only some of the time. Plus, she wanted to meet new people. She likes dad take care of her sometimes, but she giving him a break now. My mom ushowed me the brands she like to use abena and tranquility.

I'm weirded out by this. She always liked to play with me as a kid, but I thought that was just being a good parent. At least she knew how to keep it private till I was old enough. This is just a lot to take in. I'm not sure what to think. I'm embarrassed by all this. (AMA)

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