Schizophrenia and ghosts

My family believes everyone can see ghosts I believes it to. it wasn't till I was 11 my mom helped me move a ghost on to the others side I do it by myself now. I also have Schizophrenia, the Schizophrenia is more solid than the ghosts it's like looking through a thin layer of hot glue when it's dry and the ghosts are like looking through plastic wrap. two days ago I had a dream i went to the dumpster in my complex and a ghost fallowed me home, she was OBSESSED with dogs and also kinda wanted to eat them. This was scary because i have a dog she's a pit bull boxer mix and she kept trying to hurt me and my dog. she looked like a nun had the whole outfit and everything, i woke up and things went on as normal but late at night i went to take out the trash i saw her in the exact same dumpster and I'm like "Oh f*** nO i'm not dEaliNg wiTh tHat s***" so i ignore her and walk down to the farther dumpster but coming back she STILL F****** FALLOWS ME HOME I tried to put up my barrier but 'm still learning and it's weak so she comes in the house with me. she seams nice at first but tonight I tried to move her on and she kept moving through the light and coming back, I have been doing this for a year and that has never happed so I'm confused of what she is like ghost or Schizophrenia? what the f*** are you?! I talk to my mom she says to ask gran to help you do a smudging so I ask my grandmother she says we'll do it soon. i start feeling really depressed for no reason and she's siting there watching me have a panic attack and she starts to smile really big and big sharp teeth come out and her arms start to get long and wrinkly i don't know if she was like possessed or if she was some demonic thing my ex friend sent on me like she dose or what but I finally calm down and am able to move her through on my own but it was really f****** terrifying.

Oct 9, 2020

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  • Try again, and this time at least attempt to be literate. Spare us the "haha dont judge me i typed this on my phone and don't know how to proofread" bullshit.

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