Im going crazy

Do you ever feel like someones talking for you through your body or like your brain and your body aren't connected. sometimes im thoughtless and my brains fogged over and my mouth jus talkin sometimes i even question if i really believe my thoughts are my actual opinions or if im just thinkin of crazy things

ill say or do somethin and as i am ill be like wtf are you doing
its like everyday is one of those days you regret everything you did and think abt what u should have done everyday is like a reboot to fix myself

its been like this for so long i dont really know anything about who i really am.
im stupid with bad grades and i dont have a interest in anything and im talentless, the only things ever on my mind are eat perfect (im bulimic), perfecting how i look ( i cantlol) plan out everything your gonna say before you interact, s** lmao and the after life.
i just hate everything about me i dont know whats really real anymore

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  • Bro you need help Forreal. You have to get help

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