In Love with an Older Man

I am 17 and I have been with my boyfriend since I was 15. We met at my parents restaurant where I usual help waitress. Trace, my boyfriend, used to come in a few times a week to hang out with my older brothers and get some good food. After a while, I really started to enjoy when he came to visit. I would always beg to be the one to wait on him, and I would get so jealous when ever he brought another girl in. The summer I turned 15, My best friend and I had just gone to the beach, so I was in my short shorts and bikini top. We live by the beach, so it is no strange thing to see people walking around in their beach gear. My friend and I walked to the cafe to grab some sweet teas before heading back to my house. While I was there, my brother Peter came in with Trace. They were talking about heading out to Trace's house boat and spending the weekend. At the last minute, they invited me and Rebecca to go with them. I was so excited to spend more time with Trace, though I never could have guessed what would actually happen!
Anyway, Rebecca called her parents to ask if she could go, and her parents said no. She was so sad. I, however was allowed to go. Trace offered to drive me home to pick up my stuff, and while we were in the car, he kept glancing over at me. Eventually, he told me that he thought I was so beautiful.
Fast forward- we're on the boat and Peter decides to go to the store and pick up some stuff for dinner, and some fireworks that they wanted to shoot off that night. Trace and I stayed behind. I went to the room i was staying in and had headphones in until he came knocked and asked if we could talk. i said yes and he sat down on my bed and told me that he had loved me for years, and that he loves who i have become. I blushed and didnt know what to do until he leaned over and asked if he could kiss me. I said yes, of course! It was the hottest kiss known to man. Eventually, we made love that night, and we have been together ever since! My brothers can never know, though, or he would kill Trace! They are all super protective of me!!
Anyway, 2 years later and I long for the day we can get married. I dont know how i would break it to my parents though. How to tell your parents that their 17 year old is in love with a 39 year old????

Oct 11, 2020

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