Im a 13 year old boy and i have a weird fetish

Yea i confess i'm a 13 year old boy that likes girls stomachs and im going to tell you why so before you judge me hear me out alright close your eyes and imagine a girl walking up to you she ask can she stay the night now you say yes then you'll watch a movie on the couch and then you'll both fall asleep and then you wake up and your laying on her stomach it felt so much like a pillow and so your just to relax to move and then her stomach starts to slosh and growl and you think it kinda sounds satisfying and then it starts you start liking girls stomach's and that is just how it happened my parents were out and that's i found out. now i know a lot of ya'll might being thinking you disgust me in your head but you who ever you are have never experienced it so until you'll have don't judge me. seriously don't we all have a weird thing that turn's us on and now you know one of mine and i have guts to let people know but do you?????

Oct 12

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  • You again ! The perverted paki with a weird imagination and a stomach fetish. F*** off you strange c*** .

  • You’ll grow out of it, I was also interested in girls, when I was younger, I seduced 4 girls to love me. 3 baldies and one hairy. If you know what I mean by down there, you’ll know I f***** all of them. But I loved the Hairy one a lot better, because I was Hairy down there and she was hairy down there. Hairy vs Hairy was hot. The 3 bald ones were good, but I loved the hair down there.

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