My secret fetish

I have this weird stomach growl fetish. I know that one of my friends does, too. It makes me feel secure when she lies down on my hungry stomach and she comments about how noisy it is and stuff. But I feel insecure when it growls in public. And if you've got nothing nice to say, don't say it.

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  • Believe it or not, I've been into the same thing since I was little. I'm a guy, 30 and I'm really into girls' & women's stomachs growling and all, esp. if I find the shape of her stomach sexy. The #1 thing I like to do w/ a girl or woman I like is rest the side of my head, earfirst on her stomach, feeling it push my head up & down as she breathes & hearing what's going on inside, whether it's hungry, digesting, or upset. If I look @ a girl's or woman's stomach while it's growling & her bellybutton's an innie, I'd think the noise(s) would come right out of her bellybutton since an innie looks like another mouth. One time, I was resting the side of my head on my friend's stomach, & right when I heard it bubble, she burped. Yep, I heard her burp in her stomach right as her stomach pushed it up & out. Totally sexy if you ask me. I've seen a few girls in my life that have outies that kinda look like they have a smile on their lower bellybutton, and I'd kinda joke: "You may not be smiling, but your bellybutton is!" I don't mind a girl or woman I'm interested in belching around me or in my face - or during a make-out; that way, I'll smell what she just ate and/or drank, as well as what her sexy stomach did to whatever it was. If I like her stomach on the outside, I'll definitely be curious as to what it's like on the inside, and if it disagrees w/ whatever she ate or drank and hurls it back up & out, I'll be interested in seeing what her stomach did to whatever she ate before it all became a throw-up. Lastly, if she has a straight, vertical line, sometimes a treasure trail starting @ the bottom of her bellybutton going downwards, it makes me want to ask her where does that line (or hairline) f****** lead me to?! Belly rings aren't my cup of tea, btw, but sometimes I can make an exception. Well, if you ask me, you, as well as any other girl or woman that has the exact, same fetish & I should connect ASAP; we have something huge in common! The e-mail is: :-)

  • I think it is harmless. Don't worry about it. Growling stomachs are normal by the way. Don't be embarrassed! I laugh when mine does it!

  • Okay! Thanks!

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