I'd like to go to heaven


I'm not smart enough to read the bible.
and actually understand it.

i've made way too many mistakes and i know that
God forgives but i've asked for forgiveness and have
back-slid so many times who would want to forgive me.

i cant stop having s** [with my boyfriend]
because i feel like im being pressured.
and even when he says i dont have too
i cant feel that hes upset.

tell me how i can say no?
without breaking up with him.



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  • Pedo used to say "come here little lovely", "you like this don't you sweetie", YOU little pearl, your Majesty, here pretty or come on baby" does this make you feel sick a dirty old man saying this. please stop stalking me and expecting me to live out written garbage I made a book for joyce out of , it was made for her not me. its her story not mine. seeing she wanted to live out everything else she might as well live out that rather then me living it out. I lived it out as a child that was enough for me. let her put up with a fat old drunk epileptic sewer doing that to her. this is joyce idealism love s** so let her live it out.

  • Let her go to heaven and h*** at the same time like she did to my ears.

  • I mean, I'm atheist so sorry

  • According to the Bible you guys are spiritually married , i think you have s** because something in you says that you are married to him , you had s** with him and now you feel guilty, you are married to him biblically. if you don't want to stay married , you should have never had s** with him .

  • Heaven,h***,the bible,god...its all crap! Its all made up to control people. And look its working. You r beating ypourself up over crap!

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