I was gonna vent about my depression

But g*******, there are so many racist, sexist, and ableist pieces of s**** on here that blow my mind so much to the point I forgot I have depression.
we've been on this planet for thousands of years yet there are still people who haven't figured out that society should put people down depending on if they're an a****** by choice rather than for something they legit can't control.
also, don't like how a select few people act? maybe actually do something about those specific people or learn to tolerate those people instead of saying "I hate black people" "I hate women" "I hate jews" "I hate mentally disabled people" literally shut up and drink your bottle of milk you child. not everyone needs think your racism is funny and not everyone thinks that one girl/guy should sleep with you because you said they're hot in the middle of the street. Grow a f****** pair instead of crying about people setting boundries.

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