** with a **

I was driving home from Prescott Arizona after my uncles Dan's funeral .
I had left early and was taking my time doing some site seeing as I went but by late in the day I was both hungry and I needed some fuel so I stopped in the town of Hawthorn and fueled up then there was a saloon with some slot machines and a bar attached and a restaurant.
I am not a gambler but after dinner I emptied my pockets for some change and fed the machines and went into the bar for a drink. I had a couple beers then decided to go ahead and spend the night there so I crossed the road and checked into a motel 6 then went back to the bar.
I wandered around with my beer looking things over then went back to the bar .I was talking to the bar tender when this really nice looking woman came up and asked if the seat next to we was open and I said yes and she perched up on it and ordered a cc7 and sipped it. The bartender left to refill a drink and the young lady asked if I lived there and I told her now and we began to talk about the area .
She had this deep soft husky voice with a very ** undertone and I was getting interested but I wondered why she picked me I am not handsome and I don't look like I am wealthy or anything then she asked if I was staying the night and would I like to have some fun and it hit me she was a prostitute and I laughed and said hey I cant afford this but thanks for asking when she made eye contact with me and said it wont cost you a dime and bit her lower lip with a pouting smile .
this was to much ** I am a normal healthy male young and full of ** like they say so when she stood and offered her hand I followed like a Lamb as we crossed the road and went into my Motel then she was all over me trying to get my ** out of my pants and I was helping all I could while also trying to undress her then we fell back on the bed and she started sucking my ** and she really knew how to ** ** so I laid back and let her have her way until I couldn't hold back and I came and she swallowed drinking my ** like it was mothers milk and she continued sucking me when I was empty and my ** was so sensitive that i had to force her mouth off my ** with a loud pop.
I laid on my back gasping for breath god that was a very good **.
For a long time we talked and I admired her ** they looked perfect with large ** and I began to play with them and we laughed as I was slowly becoming aroused again and I worked my ** into her and I noticed that her pubic bone felt different but she was getting into it but she was not getting very wet so I went down n her and she began to respond to me .
I made he ** this way then I was ready again myself so I rolled her onto her back and I entered her and again it felt a little strange but good to she was much tighter than any other gal that I had ** and as I was ** her this time I decided that she was probably married and was getting back at her husband for something and I liked that Idea I had always wanted to ** another mans wife and I came like a cannon then she mounted me on my back and rode me to her **.

Later that night she asked me to ** ** her so I did and she surprised me when she came again.

We showered and she woke me up the next morning sucking my ** then we had breakfast and I was on the rod again.
I have thought about this many times since then and I have looked in the internet asking why her pubic bone area seamed so different and I realized that she must have been a she male.

It was great but I somehow feel like I was used by her.

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  • Same writing style has the confession above this one, no coincidence they where posted one after another by the same loser

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