Boy getting stripped by bullies

I was a 14 years old girl when this happened and I’ll never forget it. It was late after class, with nobody else around, and some older boys were bullying a young 11 year old boy from the grammar school across the street in our school yard at the junior high. A few of us girls, I still remember there were 4 girls, were leaving the school but stopped to see the commotion. The older boys were taking off the little boy’s clothes and he was struggling and pleading for the older boys to let him go. One of the older boys called us girls over to watch him getting stripped and I guess the other girls, like me, got curious to see the boy’s clothes removed. I guess the older boys wanted the girls to watch just to embarrass the boy. It was kind of exciting to see the young boy struggling and kind of whimpering as they took off his clothes. They got his shirt off and lifted him by the ankles to get off his shoes and socks. I still remember the boy looking over at us girls with this look of desperation when an older boy started unbuckling his pants as the other boys held him. He was really a very cute boy, blonde and really sweet looking. I got really aroused just watching him struggling and helpless while the other boys forcibly undressed him in front of us girls because I expected to see the boy nude in a few moments. But his helpless struggling was also quite a turn on. He was going to be nude in a moment in public and he was helpless about it. He had small white briefs when his pants got pulled off, then one of the boys hollered out “take off his underwear” and the little boy almost cried when they started tugging off his briefs. I still remember that I got really nervous like with “butterflies” in my tummy after they got his pants off and I knew his underwear was the only thing left and especially when that boy hollered about taking off his underwear. I knew I was going to see his boyhood and I felt this really nervous anticipation about what I was going to see. I guess my imagination just before his underwear came off was getting the better of me making me nervous.

I couldn’t help staring at his p**** when his underwear got pulled off. It was the first time I had ever seen a nude boy instead of just pictures. He was completely hairless and his small p**** bobbed about and became almost erect as he struggled with the older boys laughing and us girls giggling. I was so aroused looking at the struggling nude boy. His little p**** was flopping about and I could see his pink testicles pouch between his legs. I guess the other girls were pretty aroused also. One of the older boys gathered up his clothes and refused to let the boy have them back. Then they let the little boy go. He tried covering himself with his hands and I remember he started making his way home completely nude. I still remember that day many years later and I get h**** every time especially remembering his underwear coming off and seeing his p**** suddenly exposed and his hairless pubic area. I’ll never forget my h****, nervous feelings and the sight of the cute nude boy all embarrassed and shy without any clothes while us girls ogled his nudity. When I remember that day I also think about how the boy must’ve felt running home all nude and embarrassed maybe trying to hide and people looking at him. Those older boys were so cruel but we were just kids at the time and I guess some of us didn’t think about that at the time. It was just so tempting to watch the boy being stripped of his clothes that no one spoke up to stop the little boy getting stripped nude.

Oct 19, 2020


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  • I used to play boy games with my girl friends because there were few girls in our neighborhood. I remember they embarrassed a boy named Ricky bye stripping him in front of us. They did because he was the youngest of the group and didn't stand a chase against them. I remember it was really h**** because when they dropped his underwear he d*** got hard. Most of us had never seen a boy with a full b****. I remember he was so embarrassed he stood up, pulled his pants up and walked away. He was soooo ashamed about us seeing him naked he avoids hanging out with us when we're there. He was 13 years old and remember he hardly had any hair. It was just stuck up in the air like a towel hook. So h**** my girl friend can't stop talking about it.

  • Did it ever occur to you to try to STOP them from sexually assaulting an 11 year old boy? If YOU ever get stripped naked in public and people run up to enjoy the show instead of HELPING you, it will be your deserved KARMA!

  • I said damn thats almost exactly like somethings ive experienced- except it was all girls who stripped me bare heh. and i had to walk home & everything heh. Blushes! 😌

  • Why do that
    That kid is getting stripped naked and humiliated by them and you're just there probably getting hard from it you sick guy

  • Let's assume it's a fake story and you're a 40-something old guy who Fantasizes about little boys

    Or if it's true, you're just a sick f***. Both of you deserve to not live and fuel on the humiliation of children. I hope the others die of covid too.

  • That's so meann I would cry if girls just watched me get publically humiliated like that :(

  • It's OK to bully boys. Girls on the other hand and the authorities take action.

  • When boys get publicly stripped there are non authorities involved because they never say anything out of shame. They just keep quiet and tell everyone it never happed.

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