LOL what a weirdo.

My step dad walked in on me yesterday, Legs spread, Two fingers in deep and my door opened, He stopped and stared for probably a solid 3 seconds before I said "Dave", he lifted his head and made eye contact with me, Admittedly I did not try to cover up and removed my fingers leaving my legs spread, I said "Dave, No eye contact", He shook his head, Looked right at my crotch again not even trying to be sneaky and then backed out and closed the door.
BAHAHA, What a weirdo.

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  • FUCKyou and your fake incest posts A$$whole

  • Dave wrote this

  • Are u a man?

  • Must have been a sight that he did not even attempt to help him self

  • Why would he unless the step dad is gay

  • Lol

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