So weird

Well...After 5 years of divorce my best friend came to me and said she wanted to have a 3 way with her husband on his 45th birthday and wanted me to be the other 1/3...WOW, There is something you don't hear every day. Yeah so that ** got real way fast, My husband and I split the sheets about 5 years ago after an affair between him and a girl at work, I have dated a little here and there but nothing serious so as she made her proposal and laid out the pro's, I made my rebuttle and laid out the con's.
Her husband is still on speaking terms with my ex and neither me nor her have ever indulged in extra marital **, Never even so far as to even make out with another person and in the last 5 years I have not gotten past a second date and the one guy who I did decide to do something with couldn't get it up so...We spoke about this a few times off and on and she explianed that there was no one else she would consider and she knew he was going to be more than happy if it was me and she never would have considered it if I were still married but...The situation posed an opportunity to try and do the one thing he had always wanted to do.
Somehow she convinced me and there I was agreeing to have a 3 way with them, Yeah, Never happened before, Never happeneing again. It was all good but so weird after, She decided to go all in and did some stuff I was not willing to reciprocate and while she gathered her bearings me and him did a solo or duo or whatever while she she watched and then she joined back in, He kept going and going and every time I started to think there was no way he was going to get it back up...Well, There it was, Usually staring me in the face. Overall I will call the night a win other than my friend going down on me. I don't know how he got it up so many times and it was the first time I remember ever going more than once which she has always said she is multi so maybe it is him.
overall a win, but not gonna happen again.

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  • My wife and i wanted to try a 3some but she wanted her n her friend as mff where i wanted mfm ud think we want other way around . so we did both . i did enjoy the 2 women .but loved fmm more . . her sitting between me n guy kissing both of us was turn on .then taking turns sucking both ** . but her having both ** at same time was out this world . we both loved it and took it to next levels eachtime we met . . most amazing was both in her same time . this is going on now over 7years and truth we all love eachother . my wife had my son 2 years ago . whom we all love and now shes pregnant for ricky . we all over the moon . . so it can work

  • Sorry, but it will.

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