Depression and Stress

I am suicidal at only the age of 11. I'm stupid, fat, ugly, and overall worthless. My parents hate me and they love my brother WAY more than me. I tried to kill myself just last night by eating 5 pills at a time. That didn't work (obviously) so then I tried 10 pills, and now I'm just miserable. I go to a school where the people there, including the teachers, hate me for being white. I got beat up last week. I now have a black eye. I have never been diagnosed with any mental illnesses, (manly because my parents never took me) but I am 99.99999999999999999 percent sure I have depression and anxiety.


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  • I went through a ton of depression. Get help. For me what really helped was learning to let go. Another way to say it is to stop giving a f***. Just go with it.

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