I goofed up

I am 14 years old. I did something a 2 year old would to in front of my MASSIVE crush. I peed my pants, when he walked by. And it happened in class while I was sitting down, so luckily, I covered it up easily with my sweater. But then my bully ruined everything and pointed it out to the ENTIRE class. I was MORTIFIED. When I say mortified I mean MORTIFIED.

Oct 19

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  • You suffer from a lack of communication in other word you didn't speak up

  • P*** panty spammer strikes again

  • I'm awfully sorry that happened. Eventually, the pain will fade away . . . but I'm afraid it won't be soon. In the meantime, do your best to make yourself memorable for something else at school. If you aren't a great athlete or scholar, where your exploits would stand out on their own, try to make yourself noteworthy for being kind and helpful to as many other people as possible. Don't force your assistance on others, just always be a servant at school, helping your trachers, principals, administrative staff, dietary/meal works and other employees, and to other students. Never seek recognition or appreciation: just be nice for the sake of being nice. Be a servant in every situation. Always be volunteering.

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