How embarrassing

Last night I was supposed to be staying at my friends place, We got in an arguement and I decided to go home but that's a story for another day, I walked home and went in the back door and walked right in on my mom and step dad. I didn't even think about the fact the kitchen blinds were closed.
I walked in and my mom, 44 is in the buff, bent over the counter and my step dad is wearing just a t-shirt and standing behind her going hard and fast, I gasped and mom shoved him back squealing, He grunted and grabbed his weiner and shot his load.
I was like OMFG, What is happeneing, Mom is screaming at me to get out, Screaming at him to stop coming and I am staring at my step dads weiner as he shoots a second load and my mom jumps out of the way. So weird to watch a guy shoot his load let alone the fact he is my step dad. I watched longer than I should have and mom finally grabbed my wrist and spun me around, I looked back over my shoulder as she led me out of the kitchen, We got to the hallway and she took her hand off my wrist and I looked at my wrist, she squealed OMG, Go wash you hands.
I went to the bathroom and washed my step dads come off my wrist and went to bed, What a F'ed up night.

Oct 20, 2020

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  • Sad to say but this happened to me one time, I woke up as a teenager and walked in on mom and dad getting it on in the living room, Mom was on her knees and dad was sitting, I walked around the corner and mom was in mid swallow and pulled back. Yup, Looking back it is probably the funniest thing to ever happen to me and it would have been better if it wasn't my parents but mom pulled back, Choked and spit out a mouthful of come, Dad shot a load on her and I ran back to my room. We never did speak of it and it was just left as something that "Never happened".

  • What a fuckedUp fake story

  • Sounds like you watched this on a p*** site and decided to incorporate this into really life

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