My mother told me I should kill myself.

First, some context. I'm 13, I'm having family issues with my grandmother, which is causing everyone to freak out. My mother was already depressed and drunk alcohol, but now it's even worse. On top of all that, school is stressing everyone out, and Covid is making it even worse. I'm really sensitive both physically and emotionally. Recently, the end of the first semester for school came. I was struggling to finish my work, so I stayed up late to do school work. My mother was in the room, very drunk, and she started listing off all the assignments I was missing, that I was currently trying to fix. She said multiple times without stop how I was a failure, and how I would never amount to anything. At one point, I was so upset that I asked her if I should kill myself. She said yes. Whenever she asks me why I'm mad at her, I'll bring this up and she'll say that I was just making stuff up and being dramatic. She's never physically abused me, and I don't want to call CPS because I can't go with my father for legal reasons, and I'm afraid that if I go into foster care or an orphanage, I'll get separated from my brother, who is one of the only reasons I haven't committed sucide. I don't know what to do.
(I apologize for all the word vomit)

Oct 23, 2020

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  • Please please please talk to someone you trust or call a hotline for suicide or abuse victims. I understand you're worried about how much worse it could be but perhaps it's better to take a chance on something that could be better rather than where you are which is 100% unhealthy. Don't believe anything your mother says about you. She's got her own problems but she's in no condition to judge you and is just lashing out because of her failures. Please please please, it might feel hopeless at times but seriously, you're young and you have a whole life ahead of you that might be better than you could imagine.

  • Your mom is scum. Don't value her opinions, as someone that cruel is worthless

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