Step dad

I want to be f***** by my step dad, he and my mother are not together and haven't been, for years. I am so sexually attracted to him,I don't know what to do? I am consumed with memories of him. I m********* constantly about him. Every holiday that I see him, I always have to sneak off and j*******,



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  • I ran around in my tight whitie underpants whenever my mom wasn't home to get my stepdad attention. He'd get all excited and I'd sleep with him pretending that I was a little girl. I've got an actual boyfriend and he's like so mad about it?

  • Tell him you want to give hum a bj

  • Fucck you A$$hole

  • My step daughter said tell you that she could give you some good pointers if you would like??

  • Here's to hoping that your step dad see's what you'r up to and sticks his size 12 boot right up your A$$.

  • Keep it simple-be who you are. interact with him innocently, like share bed with him, initiate the action. dress less. Serve him more, like give him a warn towel in the shower. share the shower. you are the woman so act like one. dress like one around the house. ask him to massage your back. open a conversation in the subject. 100 ways to do it. be creative.

  • Shut the fock up SICKfuck!

  • FUCKyou and your pedophilic incest post A$$whole

  • Pedo troll-cop dangles bait near fish tank. H**** piranha goes for it.

  • Okay incel dude

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