I never really thought about it till lately, but when a guy c*** I seem to always get it on my face. Doesn't matter what were doing, or if he asks me where I want it. (Generally I want it there) or tell hime whereever he wants. And it seem like all you guy prefer it in my face. Im kinda you average looking girl, not overly pretty. So I dont know why you guys do it all the time. Like I'm willing to swallow it or fill me up. Whereever, but it always ends up with me on my knees getting my face covered. Even if I ask for ot somewhere else, its like the guy(s) im with end up covering my face anyways. I dont mind to much as im a submissive woman and love to make the guy happy woth whatever gets him off. But sometimes can't a girl just get where she wants. Guess I just have a face for that.

Oct 27, 2020

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  • S*** I would f*** the s*** out of you then right before I bust a fat nut i pull out put it into you're mouth to into i love it when I bust into a sexy girls mouth and she sticks her tongue out cupped to show me right before she swallowing it down

  • I would fill your mouth and let you swallow it... and if you were a good girl, i would fill also the other 2 holes

  • I've been in similar situation, most guys will do it because they can cause you let them. Majority of women find it too degrading to let it happen.

  • Just take it where you're given it. You can't be too bad looking or we wouldn't do that, we'd turn you round and c** up your s*** chute so think yourself lucky that we'll put up with your face long enough to decorate it for you. I love to plaster a girls face in c** with or without f****** her, especially when it gets in her eyes and glues them up, ha. Just remember to scrape it off into your mouth with your fingers and eat it all up like a good little w****.

  • That's weird, I would be filling all three of your holes first

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