Full F'ed week.

My friend and I came home from university to my parents house for a week, I intorduced her to my family and took her out to meet all my old friends and party. Oops yeah we were sleeping in the same bed because there was no where else for her to sleep since my uncle, Aunt and two "male" cousins were occupying the basement and the first morning I woke up spooning with her, second morning same thing and the third night we maybe got a little drunk and hooked up.
No, Not the firt time for me, I did it one other time in highschool and was pretty hot but that's another story, Ok, Just quick, Me and my cousins gf hooked up, I leaned back in one of the recliners on my dads pontoon boat and my cousin (Not the one at my house) and my then BF watched her get me off, So anyway, We came home got undressed and she whispered "Should we sleep naked?", Yeah ok we were drunk and at the time it seemed like a good idea for whatever reason and we were just laying there snuggling, We were laying facing each other all wrapped around each other and she had her head resting below mine on my chest and she whispered "Mmm, I love skin on skin snuggles", I giggled and then she just went for it and cupped my b***, Lifted it and put my nip in her mouth.
Yup, So super weird, I took a deep breath and she sucked my nip pulling her head back letting it slip out of her mouth while still sucking then whispered "God you have huge b****", I am a D. I had my one leg over her thigh sort of and she whispered "haha, Oh my" and I said "What?", She whispered "You just got wet", I whispered "yeah well you just sucked on my nipple" and we giggled and then things just progressed, We were laying there kissing and she stopped, Looked at me and said "Do you wanna?", I said "Like...Hookup?", She bit her lower lip and nodded, I nodded and it was on.
I didn't really think too much about anything and was just really enjoying touching and being touched and then she went for it and slid down, legs spread eagle and she took a deep breath, Let it out and leaned forward, I remember the electric shock running through my body as her tongue touched skin, HOLY...So we are carrying on and she turned around, Lifted a leg over my head, I grabbed her hips, Folded my pillow in half to prop my head up and she shuffled back, I was in heaven. She truly is amazing at oral, Oh my good lord, I had my mouth wide open and she was basically sitting with her whole p**** in my mouth and I had my tongue right up her, Totally inside her p**** and she kept talking and moaning.
I was hearing her and listening to her as she kept saying "Oh god Shanna, Yes Shanna, Faster Shanna, Slower Shanna, Lick my p**** Shanna", She kept reaching back putting my hand on her bum and finally I realized what she wanted and rubbed her rear entrance with my thumb, She reached back and put her hand on mine and pushed my thumb into her and she slipped a pinky finger into mine and two fingers in my p****, I moaned "Oh yes, F*** me, F*** me, F*** me". I don't remember but it couldn't have been that long, There is no way I would have lasted very long like that but we were way into it and had been living alone for 6 months so didn't even think about it but...
I didn't notice my door open but I sure noticed my mom say "Shanna, For f*** sakes Shanna stop that....The whole house can hear you two".
Needless to say that was a hard stoppage, Full on brakes and we jumped under the covers, Mom was freaked out, I could tell by her eyes bulging out of her head, My brother was peeking out his door as we got out of position and under the covers, Mom turned around and swung her hand at him then closed his door, She stood there and said "Good god Shanna, the whole house has been listening to you two, You should be ashamed", I was mortified and eventually just told her to get out, Yada, Yada, Yada. I didn't realize how much you could hear in the house until me and her were just laying there staring at each other not saying a word and we could hear my uncle and aunt banging downstairs right under us, Just squeaking and a little quiet moaning and we had to listen hard but it came right through the vents.
Next morning I got up and sat at the table sort of to the side of my uncle, I swear I watched out of the corner of my eye as he went from zero bulge to full on see the outline of his p**** through his sweats bulge, I was like UGH and went back to my room, Later that day i met my cousin in the hallway and he is a month younger than me but goes everywhere with his parents, He made eye contact with me, Smiled and said "Sorry you got interrupted but you got 4 of us off last night", I was like "Gross...Wait 4?", He said haha, Yup, Me, Mike (His 16 year old brother), My dad and my mom", I was like "Gag" and he laughed as he walked away, We decided to cut our visit a day short and left that afternoon, It has been 14 days and we have hooked up 13 of those days and nights.
I am almost scared of what is gonna happen next time I go home if me and her are still full on and what if we decide to make it a relationship which she has hinted at, I guess I will just deal with it as it comes.

Oct 28, 2020

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