Should I continue this friendship?

Hey, I am 22 male.
When I was 14 I got into a relationship with my then best friend, we broke up due to some misunderstandings caused by teachers and friends.
Last May 2019 after around 7 years she contacted me again which basically reignited our friendship. We both have been there for each other since we started talking again.
I was her shoulder to cry for everything from the silliest matters to when her mom passed away and vice versa.
Last month I have realized that I still have feelings for her. And I was forced to confess this to her when her father started bringing marriage proposals to her
She said that she didn’t feel anything romantic towards me.
I don’t what to do, I can’t be in contact with her when she gets into a relationship with someone else that would crush me like how it did when I was 14
But breaking contact over the fact that she doesn’t like me feels selfish especially since her mom passed away this March.
I feel obligated to be there for her even if it breaks me. Things would have been much simpler if she felt something for me or if I didn’t feel anything for her.
- looking forward for advices ( I don’t want to hurt her)

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  • Just go away, or resign to be her friend only, well you'll have to anyway. Just tell her you need to get away and if she doesn't correspond you knowing that she is going to lose you, then yeah, she doesn't and won't feel the same. This is just life, be her friend and move on, find someone that does connect with you, in the way you need, and vice-versa

  • I say take time for yourself and sort out your emotions before anything.

  • Dump her, move on. A huge waste of time.

  • **

  • If you want a none trolling answer... use an advice forum lol

  • Dude stop being a door mat

  • Why does the font change on this confession?? did you copy and paste this from another site lol

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