Well that's not good.

My older sister had a video of me drunk and being silly one time while camping, I was stumbling around in a bikini top of hers and I have considerably more boobage than she does so the top didn't hide a lot, It was just me and her and the kids were in bed, I don't know why but I had her top on just being dumb and my bottoms pulled up my ** like a thong making fun of the latin girls on the beach that day. I danced and things jiggled, Things wiggled and some things popped out of where they were supposed to be and then I sat down to catch my breath and had a nip out for about 10 seconds.
I was under the impression that the video had been deleted and was gone off the face of earth for EVER but apparently that is not the case, My sisters husband works shift work and I went to their house to get a dress from my sister, and walked in on him leaning back on the bed jerkin his gherkin to my video. SRSLY!!!!! come on, I love the guy but really?, I round the corner and he had it muted and there he is, big ole fat ** in his hand, He is not fat but his ** sure is, breathing heavy, I stop, he stops, I look at the tv, He looks at the tv and I say "Whoa....**!!!".
He stands up, I look at his ** and he says "Sorry, Sorry, Sorry", I just stand there staring at his ** and then say "Why do you have that video?" and he says he stole it off my sisters phone out of her deleted file, I shake my head and he says "Don't leave...Please", I say "I'm sure as ** not staying, I will...I will be back....20 minutes" and leave. I come back, he looks much more "Relaxed" and I grab the dress and leave.
Not a shining moment in our history for either of us.

Next Confession

I might be in love. Maybe just **.

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  • Can you send it to me lol! Joking! Tell him you want to see him delete the video or you will tell your sister what you caught him doing. Hopefully he hasn’t made a copy 😬

  • Best lesson to learn from this is-don't get zonked, ever.

  • Haha, I walked in on my sisters husband whacking to pictures of me from a family trip that I am sure my sister doesn't know he has, I told him I wanted to see the pictures and I am sure he thought I would freak, I looked, Two of me bent over from behind and basically one full ** cheek hanging out in one of them, 3-4 cleavage shots and one nip slip. I handed it back to him and said "Don't let her find out" and left.

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