Sleeping bodies do not consent.

TW: Rape

My friend was raped two years ago, around this time. She is q****. He spiked her drink and did it while she was passed out blank. Thrice. He was her boyfriend at the time. She reported it, the law told her to eat s***. He satisfied his megalomania by raping more people, specifically q**** people. Still does. I guess it is needless to say that he is a bigot and blatantly queerphobic. He escaped all sorts of punishment because of his abundance of wealth, and this month, he released his music album.

My friend had survivour's guilt. She tried to kill herself last July. She survived again, or, in her exact words, she 'failed'. She has been fighting for a long, long time. Fighting her trauma, fighting the world, fighting the monster that still dwells in her mind. She still remains within the confines of the four walls of his room, where it happened.

At this point, I don't even care what happens to me because I have nothing to lose, but her. And I am not going to let that happen. So I have been doing this thing, urging people to text him on his phone, 'SLEEPING BODIES DO NOT CONSENT'. +917003225331 : this is his personal contact number. This will probably be taken down soon, or I might just be banned. Text him if you believe me, or don't, if you think this is hoax. Or if you think I'm just a stupid kid ruled by his emotions, then so be it. It is nonsense for people who do not understand hatered. If anyone wants to deny my way of vengeance, then I spit on them and those they have ever cared for. Maybe then they'd barely start to scrape the first layer to understanding her torment, and my hatered. The law is not our friend. If it was, I would not be needing to do this. He cannot get away with this every g****** time. A rapist is on the loose. He is never going to be convicted. The least this sexual predator can do, is suffer, even though this will never equate to the agony of the numerous people he has traumatized. Make sure it never happens again. Text him. SLEEPING BODIES CANNOT CONSENT.

Nov 1, 2020

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