My Friend’s Epilepsy

A friend that was my neighbor for 7 years has really bad epilepsy and found out yesterday that he isn’t eligible for surgery because the seizures are coming from most parts of his brain. Any day he could have a seizure that effects a nerve in his heart that could kill him.

It makes me eyes ball up writing this because he’s like a brother to me. If he died I of course would go to the funeral and would need to see the body layed out because he’s Catholic and that’s what they do.

He has Autism and is as low functioning as you can get, but I love him the same. His parents are like second parents to me, but his sister that’s 2 years older than me is annoying af and I don’t talk to her.

He’s truly a “pure sole.” Even though he may not know it, he’s really suffering.

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  • Sad.Certain conditions are beyond cure.

  • Elon Musk’s new company Neurolink is promising, but it might not come in time. Heartbreaking

  • B***$, beauts and batman - Matthew Lee Prior, Worcester UK

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