Sexual abuse

Not too long ago I had a dream where for a brief instant, I had seen myself as a child in pampers being held up in the air by my arms and having my genitilia suckled on. It was more of a quick glimpse and i was surrounded by over 4 men in my dream. I woke up feeling very sad and had tears in my eyes.
Truth is, at 3 years of age, i had been taken by a friend of my mother for an entire week without my mother even wondering where i was and she never called the police either to report me missing.
I asked my older brother if there was any truth to it and he confessed that it did indeed happen and after more than 25 years of blocking it out, did it finally come back to me.
I want to speak to my mom about it but figure its a lost cause as her health is declining. I wish i knew the full truth into my past.
It kills me not knowing everything.


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  • Again, the world is full of those who want to shoot you down.
    I merely made a confession. I had a rough life growing up but im alive here and expressing myself. Im not complaining about s*** nor am i expecting this bullshit feedback.

  • You are not gonna remember being in diapers A$$whole. The brain is not developed enough for memory. You are basically running on instinct mode. Long term memory kicks in around 5 or 6 for everybody. So take your fake post and shove it up your a$$

  • Fake cake pedo! Not gonna remember that young, don't happen. But if your brother said it happened go to the police and report it. Most countries have lifted the statute of limitations on child abuse. Mainly from the me two movement!

  • ^This^ is the world we have made. People want so badly to be able to play the "victim" that they fantasize about it. And when the fantasies won't satisfy them, they complain about it. WAFW = what A F***** World!!!

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