My step mom caught me

I can't keep my eyes off my step mom, Yeah, Yeah, She is not tall, Blonde and stacked but rather short, Curvy and has saggy b**** but I can't stop staring. The other morning she was making pancakes and not wearing a bra and I just kept staring and staring and it's the first time she has ever said anything, I don't know if she has noticed before but her little b**** were jiggly and you could see the outline of one nip through her grey t-shirt. She turned to face me and I was staring and she said "Jamie...Inappropriate" and turned away, then I was left to stare at her bum wiggling in her PJ pants. I know it's wrong but man I just can't stop staring.
Yesterday she caught me spying on her in the shower, I watched her shave her armpits and legs and bikini lines and her b**** and bum wiggling was too much, I was looking down jerking and the door swung open, After freaking on me she agreed not to tell my dad if I promise not to do it again, I of course promised but I don't think I can keep the promise.



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  • If you confess to her how you really feel it might backfire. Cover up more etc...Think of a way to wrestle with her then grope the h*** out of her, don't stop till she says "uncle".

  • Your sexy step mom is craving you-you are afraid to make a move.

  • She wants you. Play hard to get for a while. Then watch her shower again. Be sure she catches you with d*** in hand.

    When she says that you were bad or something about telling your dad. Tell her, “ I need help”. She will stop and listen. Then give her a kiss and hug. Tell her, “ I need help with this hard c***. Every time I see you or think of you it gets HARD”

    She will smile and say well let’s see what we can do about that. And then you get into her p**** and don’t pull out till you can’t Cumm anymore!

  • She now knows you are into her. Lay low for a week and let that thought just grow in her head. Then see if she starts wearing more revealing clothes around you. If she does, the. She wants it.

  • Shut the fock up sick incest lover. Fake as it gets stupid

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