I think im bi

I think i might be bi. i am 13 and a female and i think girls are really cute. ive had little crushes on some female characters from movies and tv shows since i was 5. ive also had crushes on tiktok girls but im not for sure if i might be bi or not? please help i need some advice! thank you<3

Jul 9, 2020

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  • Let mefuck you that will fix the issue

  • Fairy Flossers

  • You're not. You're looking for excuses to be "different" even though literally everybody is desperately doing the exact same thing. Or are you that cvnt who thinks she's smarter than everyone over age 16 and are trying it on yet again? Wouldn't put it past that creature. So tiresome. Either way, all you want is attention. And you're a boy.

  • Boy bye

  • If your partner is a jealous type in the future, it will be hard for "everyone" at that point is a "competition" keep your eyes on the kingdom of God and He will guide you through the B.S. of the world...(the end is near)

  • Lmao im dont believe in god

  • What a lot of bollocks. So f****** boring (yawn ).

  • Okay!<3

  • Try something else to get appreciation or attention...sickfuckk

  • ???

  • I started at the same age as you wondering about girls. I am very bi sexual always have been. All you do is let it play out. It took me 2 years

  • Thank you for the advice!!❤️❤️

  • You're probably lesbian. There is no mention of crushes on males

  • That is a possibility!! thank you for the advice<3

  • Bottom line is females are the most beautiful things God ever made!
    So the attraction is totally understandable. You're young so just let things happen. Your very normal and very cool that you are so upfront about your feelings! That is one of my main things that attracts me to a woman. I'm sure you'll find guys very very soon.
    Don't let the boys put you off, they need more time to develop mentally...;)

  • Thank you for the advice!! really appreciate it<3

  • More like "thank you for the attention"

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