My Sister In Law-2

In December 2019 I had visited my brother and sister in law. He called me up one day he had an electrical problem so I told him 8:00a.m. on Saturday. They sleep late and this is early for him and my sister in law, which I know she won’t put on heavy cloths jut her see thru gown and see thru cover.
I arrived 5 minutes early, she was at the door. He just got in to take his shower. she hugged me and I had my right hand on her ass and my left hand cupping her breast and I was sucking on her tongue. I started pulling on her t*** and was more profound milking her nipples they are has good size. After a few minutes to my surprise she was squirting milk. She said don't stop, I got a cup she held it an I milked her till I got about 1/4 inch of milk on the cup, I told her save it; you will pour me coffee later.
I started sucking her breast and my hand had already moved from her ass to her P*****. As I inserted my finger into her hot wet dripping P****. She was passing out on me. So I pushed her on the table chest first and then I pushed my C*** all in one thrust 8 1/2 inches non-stop. Her head was sideways and I saw her eyes roll back and she opened her mouth like there was no tomorrow. I continued pounding her P*****. With Deep Thrust from my C***; pulling it all out came and then *Pumping the 8 ½ inches deep into her P***** in one stroke. I kept this up for 4 minutes when she started saying no stop, no. I had her in the corner of the table her legs were spread out and I had full penetration to her P****.
I continued the pounding; she was crying but asking me not to stop, this went on for 2 more minutes, my brother takes 15 minutes shower, then two my surprise she came and she overflowed her p**** with juices, as I reached for her excess juices I came deep inside her and she squealed and continued crying. I got some more P**** Juices and lifted her up and smeared them on her breast and chest area it was a lot of juice. I told her this is my trade mark. She rushed to the bedroom to get cleaned up and came back in a few minutes. She asked me if there was anything I wanted. I told her your mouth, P****, A** next time. Now give me some coffee with that special milk I got from you. She smiled and I wiped a tear from her eye gave her a kiss and sat to drink her delicious coffee with a part of her.



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  • I love cakes do you.

  • Fake cake writing by a guy

  • Nothing really I eat same foods, I was just born so h**** I don't know why. Every morning I have a h****** straight hard as a rock. If it was not for my sister in law I would be j********** 3-5 times a day. She came by my apartment and I f***** her. will be posting on Friday. Just keep healthy stay away from fats and sugars. Thanks

  • What do you take drink or food to get so horney?

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