My daughter's best friend

My daughter is 14 and her best friend Sam is 15. They love to have sleep over all the time. One night over the summer the girls had gone to bed. I stayed up watching tv around 1130 I looked over to find sam standing in the doorway. she had on a short white top that barley cover her b**** and was so thin u could see right through it. Also a pare of white underwear that u could see through. She looked sexy. She sat down next to me. After a minute she leaned on me. After she got snuggle up close she wispered in my ear f*** me. I told her no u r to young. After a minute she started rubbing my d***. I don't stop her. Thin she moved my hand into her underwear to her pussycat. I started rubbing and pushing my fingers in. She is really tight. After a while she moaned in my ear f*** me hard. I said yes baby. She got up and I followed her she went in to the kitchen and got on the table. She smiled and said daddy I have always wanted to lose my vcard on the table. We start f****** and she was so tight I couldn't hold back I f*** her as hard as I could and she wasn't shi about any one knowing eather. I'm shock it didn't wake the nabers. I got in the moment and filled her pussycat with c**. We f***** 3 more times that night. We have been doing it for about 2 months now and to night she came over again and we went to my daughters room me and Sam did it doggy stile on my daughter's bed as she was watching tv. as me and Sam was f****** she sad daddy (cat my daughters nickname) cat wonts to give u her vcard to. I replied with sounds like a good time. I asked sam whare to c** she replied with daddy I'm pregnant don't stop so I pumped her full. Later that night after the girls had gone to bed I was waiting tv and cat came in in some skimpy underwear and tape on her nipples she wakes over and sets on my lap she said daddy f*** me please. I kiss her on the neck and said yes baby whare should we do it. She said on my bed in front of sam. I cared her to her bed as my d*** inter her pussycat I could feel her fingers digging in to my back she was crying out f*** me daddy don't stop daddy I need u to come in daddy. As we f***** I could see sam in the corner fingering her pussycat. My daughter went in to big o****** and I pumped he full

Nov 5, 2020


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  • Very confusing! You are a terrible writer!!

  • Where is the part about the police, court and prison?

  • Yeah all the details again clearly some bored dude in lockdown

  • You lucky b****** lol

  • Che schifezza!

  • ^ OP JO^

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