My daughter had a bad dreem

One night we all have went to bed . I awoke to my daughter climbing in bed with me . It had been years since she had did this so I asked her what she doing . She told me that she had a bad dreem . Because she was 13 I would normally told her to go back to her be but I was haff asleep I told her to go to sleep. Soon she complained she was cool . So I rolled over spooning with her to keep her worm . Win I put my hand on her hip just as a place to rest my hand . I could feel her skin so I asked her y don't you have on anything . She grabbed my hand and move it . Now I can feel worm damp and some strangely hares . So I asked her what she was doing . She replied with daddy I need u . U feel so big pressing on my but . I'm yours daddy . She thin rolled over and kiss me open mouth. I was so h**** at this point I had to do her . I started rubbing her kitten she was really wet . I told her baby girl u r really going to get it now. I pushed my fingers in and just inside I could feel a wall . So I asked her if she had ever had s** before . She said no daddy I am saving it for u . I got up and flip the light on and told her I wont to see her sexy body she said ok daddy . Thin I grabbed a condom . And she said no daddy c** in your baby girl . Looking at her sexy body laying there I dead ok and put the rubber back . I got back in bed .I started eating here she taste just like her mom . Soon she was crying yes daddy yes . Soon I worked my way up to her nipples and gave her little a cup a good sucking on win I was finished a kiss her open mouth again . Thin I dragged her to the side of the bed and shoved my deep inside her she cried out loudly . Her eyes was open big and her breathing was really deep I could see my d*** was covered in her chary blood . Soon I lift her up holding her back to the wall and f***** her . Thin I layed down and had her set on my d*** . She was riding me hard I could tell she was about to c** . It felt so good I said baby girl daddy is going to c** . She said ok daddy and she started going fast and hard . She cried out she was c****** again I started humping back as had as I could I could feel her pussycat grab tighter thin I came deep in my baby girl after we didn't move my soft d*** still in her . We soon feel sleepy . The next morning we woke up and found the c** had dryed gluing my d*** in her pussycat . Se started moving around trying to free it and soon I was hard again so l let her ride me until I came again . We r dating now we f*** every night


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  • SickFUCK I would pay for a video of you being executed!

  • Illiterate troll

  • You need one night in jail, just one night with hardened crims in a jail. Thy hate pedos and they'll f uck your ass good.

  • If you ever feel like self-harming, please go ahead and kill yourself. Everyone will like that.

  • You did not graduate from third grade, did you?

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  • This sounds like penthouse for pedophiles...

  • You just described this site....

  • Larry flint wouldn't publish thatCRAP in his magazine.

  • Fantastic and erudite observation. Well done ! ! ! !

  • Please OP has a serious mental condition. He was many times his mom getting raped and there he stood helpless to save her from monsters digging her holes

  • Go stand on the tracks and wait fucktard.

  • It's that f****** illiterate paki c*** again ! Doh !!!

  • Shut up Homer.

  • Lucky b*stard. Every dad's dream

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  • I see my step daughter laying on her bed in just her knickers I had to look at her b****** and sexy little bum.

  • It's herpussy I want to see!

  • You said you where a shirt lifter DIPshitt. Once again they are called panties you toothless sick Britt.

  • Gotta be younger

  • Younger ?

  • He's a sickFucking pedophilic. Heres to him getting Covid-19 and dying a long slow death.

  • Why you say breathing really deep .?

  • What did you mean her breathing was deep and dam

  • Hey JackA$$ got stand on theFUCKING train tracks idiot. You are wasting oxygen and emitting carbon dioxide.

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