My wife has lost interest. Feeling my oats, I looked at some po-n. I am not sure what or how, but I have a new desire. I want to have s** with a black lady. I got really excited seeing the pink inside contrasting the dark surrounding skin. There is a coworker who hits on me that I am now wanting to bang and see the contrast. But I cannot risk my marriage in hopes my wife comes around. So I should...?



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  • Go for it. Nothing better than a dark black girl with a nice bush.

    That dark skin and the bright pink p**** is beautiful and tastes amazing.

    I caught my hubby f****** a black girl about 10 years ago we still have three ways a few times a year. But her and I have licking sessions at least a few times a month.

  • I had a six month relationship with a dark skinned girl. Best s** I've ever had!!; by far. Sometimes I still j*** to remembrance of how hot it and she was. It was just too hard because of peoples prejudices.

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