Obsessed with Blonde Secretary

I am attracted to the blonde secretary at work and have been for 14+ years. She is over 50 now but drop dead gorgeous! Honest to God, 99.5% of women aged 18-50 can't compete with her beauty. She could have easily made a very comfortable living in the modeling industry. She has the most wonderful demeanor and personality too. So attractive on the emotion level as well!

All my life I have heard of men seeing a woman and getting weak in the knees, having one's heart skip a beat, or having your breath taken away. I thought this was all hollywood or romance novel BS until I met this woman. It has happened to me so many times over the last 14 years upon seeing this woman. She has fabulous fashion sense and dresses so classily yet so **. Oh, my friends. If only you could see her! She has the SEXIEST, most perfect ** and hourglass shape you will ever see. PERFECT! So **! If you see her wearing something extra ** I gurantee you will not be able to think of anything else for a day or two after.

I know I am not the only male at work attracted to her. I have seen at least ten male co-workers (all married, like me) sneak quick peaks or take long stares at her when they could. The number is probably higher.

Oh, I want to bed her. She has haunted my waking thoughts and tempted me in my dreams. I have had several dreams over the years where we **. They were awesome, but only that-- dreams. My heart and loins long for her, crave her, yearn for her attention and notice like I never knew a body and mind were capable of. I literally wamt her so much it hurts. I fear that if she ever did show the slightest sexual interest in me that I would commit adultery with her as fast and as often as I could. I want her so badly. Yet, I do not want to cheat on my wife and destroy my family. So, I have never tried intentionally flirting with her. I love my wife, but **, when this woman shows up all I can think about is her. I am ashamed to say that their have been numerous times when I was ** my wife that I wished that I was married to and ** this secretary instead. I guess I have a classic case of forbidden love.

I've tried so many things to get her out of my mind and to think of something else but nothing works while I am anywhere near her. I have to be away from her for days to get her out of my mind. Seeing her is painful, smelling her perfume is painful, hearing her voice is painful, seeing or hearing her talk to others is painful. I want her so much, but can not have her! I am at a lose as to what to do. She is so damned attractive in every way. If I could bed her I'd have her ** me and then ** her in prone or ** position with that hot ** up in the air, her back curving downward, her head on the bed, and her arms stretched out before her. When I ** my wife like that that I am in heaven! If I could ** this secretary like that I would probably die from a pleasure overload!

Anyone else ever feel this way? If so, how did (or didn't) you handle it?

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  • Don’t... it will ruin you. Remember, even Jesus was tempted... temptation is temptation but that’s all it is. You should be relieved and happy that you accomplished so much with your wife and what not. The secretary ain’t worth a hill of beans regardless of how she looks. She is probably a woman just trying to support herself. You’d ruin her life as well, make the office uncomfortable, brag to your fellow workers... then it would get back to your wife, she’d take the kids, you’d have to pay and get yet another job... respect the laws of god... don’t do it.

  • I could not have articulated it better!

  • I am certain that you are not the only person who has these intense fantasies.
    Strictly off limits. Look but don't go there! Respect yourself, your wife and the secretary. Not worth the pain, bro.

  • Keep that hot dog in your pants. Start hiring a male secretary, if you can not trust yourself!

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