New House

Husband and I invited to his friend's to see his new house and watch the ballgame . Had o'rderves and drinks so during the game Allen my husband's friend went outside to smoke a cigar on the deck and I followed to see the backyard view. Outside I tried to smoking a cigar with Allen and was told how he always wanted to f*** and c** in me we walked in to his bedroom from the deck started kissing me and f***** me on his bed . Husband still drinking and watching the game when we returned . When we get home the husband decides he wants to f*** not knowing my p**** was full of Allen's sperm .I go in the bathroom and try to wipe my p**** free of Allen's sperm when we get in bed husband was really turned on by my wet p**** and goes down on me toungeing and sucking my used p**** he f**** and c*** and tells me my p**** was unusually salty and kind of bitter .just couldn't tell him I still had some of Allen's sperm inside of me.

Nov 9

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  • Have you hooked up with him again? W here? How long? How many times? How was it? Have you gotten him into YOUR bed yet? Have you talked about having a baby for him?

  • You obviously know how to take care of your men! Well-done!!

  • Its real sexy how you let him be dominant right off he took control and you totally went with it. I think thats what they used to call "sweeping a girl off her feet" . . . . and into bed. We can only imagine how lascivious and feminine and ravishing and beautiful you must have felt that day with another man inside you while your husband was in the same house, completely clueless that you were off finding love, making love, giving love, receiving love. That is so romantic!!!! You really should write a book. A romance novel!!!! It would be a best seller for certain!!!!

  • A novel but non-fiction nonetheless, you will have to publish under a pseudonym, to keep your husb. from find out antything. god i hope you keep on going on allen allways. yea! get banged! be a p*** writer superstar! f*** yeah! bang! banging! banged! omg ooooooh! bingo! bango! bongo! BUNGHOLE!! Is he hung better than husb? did he take you all three-hole to heaven? damn! Allen is what every wife hopes to have on dirty DL! good g******!! And now on you just bend over and let him have it all!!! you know he want it! you know YOU want it more!!! you go, girl! you stay all the way up on that man's stiff spewing d***!! make yourself filthy! Be that super- s***! stay h****! Stay wet! stay nasty! OH HO!!

  • I assume you'll be seeing Allen again? Repeatedly, perhaps? To get more and more and more and more of that wonderful liquid love of his? I can see you laying in bed at night with your husband, while Allen's juices swim madly through your reproductive system seeking to knock your sweet, sweet ass up. I wish the best for you. I think you should have both of these men who love you so much and so deliciously. Enjoy!

  • I really love a man like your Allen, who will brazenly take another man's wife from him while he's in the building, and honor her, and pleasure her and treasure her, all while disregarding their marriage and making her blatantly breach her vows and disrespect her husband. I've had three men do that for me. I have cheated with a few more men, but three that came and gave me that while my husband was on the premises, and one of them not only p***** on my marriage that way, he actually p***** on me, too. THAT, I believe, is a form of true love.

  • Seems to me that Allen is one of those really special men who can fill a gal up with those giant juicy hot loads we all love so much. And praise god he dont care that your married. Do you plan on making this into an LTR affair? My younger sister (many years ago) did something very much like that and actually wound up having a baby by her husband's friend but let her husband believe he'd fathered that child like their others. To this day, she says that child is her favorite. What do you think?

  • OMG!!! I do so admire your steely nerve and your adventurousness!! I have another man in my life and though I don't get to see him much and he always wears condoms, I would love to make him bareback me and then take that mess home to hubby and make him eat it!! You are my heroine!!!

  • ^ totally hot AF ^

  • A woman who knows what she want will allways get what she want. Allways. You know it true!

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