My son's secret...

Last week we took a multi family vacation. My family and my brothers. We rented a three bedroom beach house. The adults took up two of the bedrooms. The third bedroom was shared by my son, age 13, and his cousin, age 15.
Mid week it was late. Everyone in the house had crashed and I was up watching TV. The house had a wrap around porch/deck and all the bedroom had sliding glass doors to go outside. I decided to step outside and take a few hits on a cigar. I walked around the porch to the rear of the house overlooking the ocean. As I passed the glass doors to the kids room the drapes were open and I got a shock. My son was laying face down on the bed and his cousin was on top of him f****** his a** like a rabbit. I just froze. I didn't know what to do and I didn't want to embarrass the boys. I went back inside. I haven't told my wife yet or spoken to my son about it.

Jun 22

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  • Smack the shitt out of them for having incest s ex! Them talk with him about his se xual preferences and support him!

  • Let him be hes young hes figuring out who he is in life

  • Ive had s** with guys and girls and love both aspects of it

  • My son begged me not to tell any one that he is gay.My son sucks my c*** every morning and I have not told any one

  • Respect their privacy and don't share it with others. Sit down with them and teach them hygiene and the use of condoms. Extend an invitation to the cousin to f*** him so he knows the pleasure of the p****. I admire the cousin speed f****** like a rabbit. I wish to get him myself. I like a*** too.

  • I am a father who recently sort of dealt with this. My 14 year old son and several classmates in middle school were busted for exchanging sexually explicit photos around in some private network of friends. The photos the vice principal showed me were my 14 year old son and his male best friend performing sexual acts on each other. I had to have a very uncomfortable talk with my son. I found out that there is "HUGE" peer pressure right now among teens to be gay, bi or LGBT. He basically said the kids are doing it to be part of the in crowd, popular kids, whatever. He really wasn't attracted to boys, he just wanted to fit in and be cool.
    Not that there is anything wrong with being gay or bi.
    A few years ago many of the white girls in our neighborhood suddenly started dating black guys. Again not that there is anything wrong with that. The mothers were concerned and had a few talks. The same thing, "peer pressure". It was popular and cool for the white girls at school to have black boyfriends.
    They grew out of it eventually.

  • We all do things when we are young that we regret to the end of our life. Yes peer pressure is the cause not that we liked what we did at that time. That is how drugs got popular.

  • I wouldn't do anything

  • Stop making up these fake BullSHitt stories up!

  • Keep it to yourself. what would you tell your kid that could only just make him embarrassed.

  • You should probably stop whacking off over this.

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